Monday, 10 September 2012


THEY SAY: Oskia's nutritionally-designed products combine MSM-Regen Complex(TM) with essential cell nutrients to boost skin health while clinically-proven bio-actives combat aging and lifestyle concerns. Oskia only uses the purest and most natural ingredients to promote a glowing, youthful complexion... Designed to increase cell turnover and packed with Oskia's trademark blend of beauty-boosting nutrients, this luxuriously-textured exfoliating mask leaves the complexion smooth, refined and illuminated.

I SAY: The first thing I noticed about this product was the smell: roses (at a guess) which was wonderful. I can squeeze two masks out of this sample pot so I am very pleased with this 'try' from What's In My Handbag? The mask is quite a strange texture - almost gooey but not sticky. It looks pink in the pot but turns white when applied to the skin and massaged on properly. It sits on the skin well, softening and soothing as it works it's magic over 15 minutes of bliss. After washing it off I didn't feel the need to instantly apply moisturiser, as it didn't leave me feeling taut or dried out. My skin is still amazingly soft an hour later and I still haven't applied moisturiser! 

Would I spend £48.50 the price tag requires? Yes. If I had the money, I definitely would.

THE BOYFRIEND TEST: It went like this...
Me: Dave! Stroke my face! Smell my face! What do you -?
Dave: [cutting me off mid-sentence] What have you used? This is really soft, babe. Smells good too.

CLOSER INSPECTION: I like to do my homework on the brands I write posts about. This is an organically certified brand that uses only the best ingredients for their products. They believe in combining beauty with nutrition so advise customers to look after themselves on the inside as well as the out. Their website offers recipes, as well as the products that are for sale, to keep up with this ethos. Oskia also believe that honesty is the best policy when it comes to the information they give to consumers, stating they would rather say that a product is only 98% organic rather than pretend otherwise or baffle customers with technical jargon that dresses up a lie. With values like that, whats not to love about this brand?


  1. AGH IM SO JEALOUS, what a generous sample, agh why didn't i get one ): boo

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I got this! Can't wait to try it- saving it as a weekend treat, as this week has the potential to be HORRENDOUS! x

  3. I also received this sample today... So excited to try it out. :) x


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