Thursday, 6 September 2012


No one is born with style (or at least I certainly wasn't) and in a fit of nostalgia today I decided to share these photos with you so that I can prove that style and knowledge of your body, what is best for you and how to look after yourself definitely develops with age.

I also thought it would be funny for my followers to see some cute pictures and some disastrous teenage ones. Let the laughing commence...

yes, shamefully, my dad is channeling James Herriot here

practicing my stair case wiggle in heels at an early age

what can I say? my mother was cruel to dress us like this

I like to think I was a cute kid. There was no doubt that when I hit about 7 I started to learn what comfort eating was so ballooned in size and it took me a long time to curb that. I've always loved dressing up, as you can see from when I put on my mum's heels and sun dress above - but I'm not entirely sure what the matching tartan outfits my sister and I are wearing on my 6th birthday is all about... And excuse my brother Matt's face. He hasn't changed all that much.

yes, that is me and not the 40 year version of myself

doing sports at school

spot which one I am haha
ah, the school photo - no makeup allowed as it was an all girls' school

So these are the teenage years. Gone is the little girl that wanted nothing more than a dressing up box and here, instead, in a wannabe war journalist with a love for the Army Cadet Force and track running. I don't actually understand why in God's name I was allowed to cut all of my hair off but I was. Hello natural hair colour - you will never be seen again! Anyway that is when I started dying my hair and haven't stopped. No make-up allowed in my all girls' school either so I am very much all freckles and break outs.

channeling some form of chic badly

letting that disastrous fringe grow out (my brothers by the way - tom is in white and jamie is in blue)

blonde whilst on a night out - please excuse the double chin

Ah ha, the last few years. Well at 18, 19, 20 and 21 I dyed my hair to the point where it turned black. I'd already had my hair stripped of black when I was 17 but I dyed on dye and black was the result. I also had that ridiculous full fringe ''because I wanted to look like Bridgette Bardot with attitude''. We all live and learn. Make-up consisted of red lipsticks and a lot of eyeliner. Piercings were rife. After that I wanted to know if I would suit blonde so I wore this wig out on a night out pretending to be the Paris Hilton of the pirate world with a blow up parrot in my handbag (not my finest moment).

and what I look right now

Well, right now I'm 23 and I have finally settled for a more natural look. The things I will never do again are: dye my hair myself, wear a wig, cut my hair that short ever again or allow my mother to dress me.

Will I change my style again? Well according to research women are never truly happy with their appearance until they turn 30 and feel as though they are fully aware of everything that suits them and what they like. Maybe I will have to do another post like this is another 7 years documenting what I went through in my 20s? Haha now that would be funny!


  1. this is really weird, on your school photo, i swear we have the same school tie, and it was an all girls school as well, any chance it was a certain all girls school, with a boys school across the road, in a town that rhymes with hand and latch?! Hope my cryptic clues arent too cryptic, dont want to give away which school you went too for privacy etc, but I think we may have gone to the same one! :) x

    1. Yes it is - were you in the same year as me?? Oh my god that is crazy! Hello! xxx

    2. How weird is that! I started year 7 there in 2004 so I don't think I was in your year, you must have been above me? xx

    3. I left in 2005 so we were there at the same time. Awww no way - who was your form teacher? xxx

    4. Ahh so we just missed each other! :p I had quite a few, Dr Saunders/Schofield, a lady with gingery/brown curly hair who taught history whose name i cant remember, and then mr whitmarsh! He only started there a few years ago though! How about you? xx

    5. I know none of those! I remember Mrs. Cooke, Mr. Garcha, Miss. Darlington, Mr. Davies, Mrs. Bradshaw, Dr. Askey, Mrs. Benn (only because I seriously angered her one lesson and she went crazy ass on me), Mr. Leigh... Oh I remember a lot of them. Mr. Sweet and his ridiculous bow tie!! Hahaha memories... xxx

    6. I had Mrs Cooke & Mr Davies for english, Mr Garcha for History (had incredible love for his little chubby cheeks!) I was always v. scared of Mr Sweet, he seemed to shout at atleast 5 people everyday! They must have all been teaching there for ages now! xx

    7. oh and Miss Darlington has a porsche now! A white one! :p

    8. Mrs. Cooke is an absolute legend. I know what you mean about Mr. Garcha's cheeks haha - he was always really lovely though, I always used to sneak back from the Boys' school late for his lesson and he never said anything at any point about it. And teachers say they don't get paid enough? Porsche? She deserves it though - Poor Miss. Darlington - she used to get so much stick from all us lot! xxx

  2. Haha im sure I actually fell asleep whilst watching a video in Garchas lesson once and he didnt even say anything! She did get a lot of stick didnt she? She was actually really nice though once you got on the right side of her! :) xx

  3. Aw cute photos, i think you look best now. I had the same issue with girls school, no makeup ahah :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. Aw I love seeing childhood photos on a blog x


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