Sunday, 30 September 2012


I thought I would bring you something different today - something fanciful. I needed to start making things for myself that are dairy free as I have a slight lactose intolerance. If I have too much dairy I break out, I get stomach cramps and nausea and usually I end up in a lot of discomfort. Whilst I am willing to tolerate this for the sake of a Costa Coffee Vanilla Latte every now and again I can't allow this to happen every single day as it has been doing. A lot of people suffer with the same problems as I do so hopefully this will be useful for those that fancy a sweet treat without the lactose involved. Eggs, whilst classed as 'dairy' do not contain lactose, so for me I can eat them and use them in recipes - although I am careful not to eat too many because of the fat content in them.

This is the second attempt at making macaroons as the first attempt was unsuccessful and went very wrong. This is a very difficult recipe to get right the first time so practice will eventually make perfect. These aren't perfect but I'm still pleased with them nevertheless. In fact 'pleased' is a lie- I'm proud as punch, especially as my stepmother (who has been an amazing baker of sweet treats all my life) called me 'adventurous' for even attempting them.

Friday, 28 September 2012


Hey everyone, it's Islay here from!

Helen was asking for some people to do some guest posts on her blog and so I said I would love to do one for her!

Anywaaaay, a bit of an introduction to me and my blog- I'm called Islay, I'm 16 and from the South Coast of England. My blog is mainly beauty and fashion based with a bit of nail art, cooking and random other posts/videos thrown in!

Monday, 24 September 2012


About a month back I posted that I was going to film a house tour. I did film one and then I realised just how much personal stuff was included so I thought I would leave that (how many of you really want to see my pantry? Exactly - I don't even want to see it!) and so here are the best bits of my house. I have to admit that some of the photos are better quality than others - purely because one day I took photos when it was reasonably sunny and the next it was pouring with rain.

Also, I want to make a confession: my house isn't usually this tidy looking. This is how it looks when I have cleaned before Dave comes home from work. He's like Taz when he walks through the door. Suddenly the whole place is a shambles again and its a daily battle to make him clean up after himself. I hope you like what you see anyway. Mi casa, sous casa and all that jazz. Here's the first installment of a peek into my world...

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Beef stew is one of those meals that is so easy to make and requires no fuss at all that I make this a lot during the autumn and winter months. I was never 'taught' how to do this and I have never read a recipe on how it should be done. This is just my way of doing it - and as Dave will actually lick his bowl clean and go back for second helpings, I imagine that I haven't got it that wrong.

You can add dumplings to this recipe if you want to but I don't. I think they're is a lot of vegetables and meat going on in there anyway without adding excess to the mix. 



Friday, 14 September 2012



Autumn’s here and I love it: for me, it’s all about crisp, cooler days and darker nights, cosy handknits and hot chocolate… but how’s a girl to get her skin through the onslaught that autumn brings? Wind, central heating, rain all take their toll on your skin and, as someone with especially sensitive skin, I thought I could maybe make some reasonably priced recommendations to help your skin cope with the change (let’s pretend we had a glorious summer, yes?) They might not be the fanciest products, but they are ones that will see you through until the blossom hits the trees again!

image taken from

Monday, 10 September 2012


There are many ways of eradicating fuzz - whether it's legs, pits, *ahem* muff or anywhere else that you want to be smooth and hair free. As hair removal is a part of the majority of people's beauty regimes I feel that it has a place on this beauty blog. I was in two minds as to whether to actually publish this post initially - after all it's very personal subject for some people. However, there could be a good laugh in it so I'm publishing it anyway...


Sunday, 9 September 2012


I've decided I want to try to incorporate some different things into this blog. I love beauty and I have written about it consistently but I feel that there are so many other things that I could share with you all. Hence, every Sunday I'm going to share a recipe with you for some rather indulgent food.

I'm very interested in food and I love cooking. I like to be healthy during the week and then indulge at the weekends. Here is the recipe for my favourite pasta dish: Chicken and Mushroom Lasagne. I've used a fully cooked chicken here (this saves me money as there is only me and Dave so I can get two decent days' worth of meals out of one chicken) but please feel free to use whatever type of chicken you like, be it whole breast or leg etc.

Also, this recipe works really well if you throw any other vegetables you want to in. Dave doesn't actively choose to eat vegetables so I have to avoid adding lots of yummy greens. However if I was on my own making this I would add courgettes and some spinach.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


No one is born with style (or at least I certainly wasn't) and in a fit of nostalgia today I decided to share these photos with you so that I can prove that style and knowledge of your body, what is best for you and how to look after yourself definitely develops with age.

I also thought it would be funny for my followers to see some cute pictures and some disastrous teenage ones. Let the laughing commence...

yes, shamefully, my dad is channeling James Herriot here

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I seem to have a accumulated a fair few Sanctuary products over time so here is another one ready to be reviewed (there is only one more of this brand's products scheduled for the immediate future - I promise).

This is the Sanctuary Deep Cleanse Facial Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash which, as you guessed it, is formulated specifically for your face. I don't tend to get excited over face washes as I think there are so many out that that claim to sing and dance for you that don't actually live up to their name.

This face wash foams up really well with only a small amount of product so even though this product is an eye-watering £8.99 for 140ml it does go a long way. It also smells quite nice (I would say slightly floral - in line with the usual Sanctuary scent that most of the brand's products seem to have) and it doesn't leave skin feeling really taut like some of the face washes available. After using this my skin was left feeling soft and completely clean as it completely removed any trace of cosmetics and left pores unclogged.

Its a rather wonderful product really... Just a shame about the price when compared to other great face washes.

Have you tried this Sanctuary Deep Cleanse Facial Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash?
What did you think of it? Any other face washes you can recommend?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!