I just thought that this little space would be a great place to share my all time favourite bloggers with you.

These people always make me smile and always always make me want to buy/try/recreate.

In no particular order these are:

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Estée is possibly one of the most loveable bloggers and YouTubers on the planet. She never ever fails to make me laugh in her videos and her sense of humor carries through into her writing. Her honesty and realism are what makes her such a joy to read and watch. I can't fault her at all and I don't ever want to. If ever had a blogger crush, it'd be on her.
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Milly couldn't be more brilliant as far as I'm concerned. Her mix of style and beauty always keeps me going back to read every new post. If she blogs about it and it happens to be beauty - the chances are it's added to my wish list. Her writing style is beautiful and whisks me away to a beauty-filled day dream. She's a real life Carrie Bradshaw when it comes to fashion and her taste in accessories is second to none.
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Islay is the queen of anything nail art related. If you want pretty designs and easy to follow tutorials, fashion posts and great, chatty and honest YouTube videos then look no further. I adore this girl and her blog. She's a blogging best friend and I couldn't imagine not including her in this line up.
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Grace is a real diamond. Honest, reliable. a lot of fun to meet and know - one of the loveliest people I have ever met in the blogging community - I can rely on her for bullet fast reviews that get to the real facts without the faff, from the high-end to the budget, with all of the latest releases thrown in.
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If you love MAC then Clare is the girl for you. With an incredible collection of lipsticks and eye shadows, if I ever have any MAC related questions it's always her that I ask. She's also the loveliest person in real life and we talk daily. She's a classic enabler but that's what I love about her - anything she has I simply want.
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Kat is a no BS blogger, straight to the point and as honest as they come. She knows what's what in the beauty business and writes great reviews that are witty at the same time. This woman knows her stuff. Her content is varied and the read is easy. I adore her 'Beauty News In Brief' posts for up-and-coming releases to keep my eye on. What's not to love?

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I'm a firm believer in the fact that Sophie deserves a lot more followers than she actually has. She has good photography and great choices in products (they're not all the same ones you see floating about the blogging world all of the time which is really refreshing). I love that she brings her personality into her blog too.
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Ali and I started blogging at roughly the same time. You could say that we 'grew up together' when it comes to blogging. I genuinely love this girl. She's not the cookie-cutter beauty blogger that there are 1000s of already - she's alternative and she rocks every and any eye shadow look imaginable.
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Kayleigh's blog was one of the first ones I ever started reading avidly and still do to this day. Her photography is beautiful and her writing is detailed. Her content is really varied - everything fashion and beauty with tags, hauls and some personal content all thrown together to make a great cocktail of reading material. 
Lisa is a gem and one I love reading the blog of. Her cats are adorable, her reviews are varied and her posts are easy to read. I can't fault her. She's a joy to chat to on Twitter and I loved meeting her in person.
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If you want honest skin care advice from someone who knows their science as well as their products then give Jessica's blog a good read. This woman knows everything that there is know about skin as well as keeping yourself healthy from the inside out. Having met Jess I can confirm she has the most amazing skin in the entire world. I take her word as gospel.
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Hayley is one of those bloggers that mixes absolutely everything together and makes it all so brilliant. Lifestyle posts with beauty and books is my perfect blend. She also runs a collaborative YouTube channel which churns out funny, loveable videos with her group of adorable blogging friends. Her 'Things That Make Me Happy' series is simply gorgeous - it always makes me feel good about life.
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Futures was a blog I started to read after starting to interact with Bex on Twitter and now I can't miss a post. Her style is simple but captivating and just makes me want to read more. I love her little anecdotes about her son, incorporated into the posts, and the way she gets involved with the blogging community with real enthusiasm.
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Andy is a skincare blogger obsessed with his chosen subject but he reviews absolutely everything, whether it's aimed at men or women, and his reviews are outstanding. Detailed with all of the facts, effects and thoughts. I blame this man entirely for starting my Elemis fixation and, having since tried the brand for myself, can confirm he is definitely spot-on with his opinions. I keep an eye on his blog for things that my brothers might like as well as myself - he really is a 'something for everyone' blogger.
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Shona is a favourite purely because we have so much in common. I love interacting with her on Twitter and I love her posts just as much. She gives a fresh perspective on products that sometimes other bloggers simply can't do. I'm also really glad she's back into YouTube because I find her refreshing, humble and genuine. We also share an innate love of Primark.
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Vicky (formly known for Daily Hoot) has recently started this new blog up as a lifestyle blog. Vicky is a lot of fun, who I keep in touch with regularly, as someone I know I will be friends for a long time with. She doesn't pussy-foot around when it comes to speaking her mind and she puts a lot of thought but honesty in what she writes. I heart this girl.

Please check these people out if you don't know who they are already - they really are great reads and awesome people.

I could honestly list so many more - I read so many amazing blogs. These are my stand-outs at the moment though. 

As with everything in the world of blogging, this page will change from time to time so keep an eye out for new blogs being added. To find out who I'm also loving take a look at the buttons in my side bar and take a peek at those great blogs too.

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