Saturday, 1 September 2012


THEY SAY: Take time for yourself. This decadently rich body butter is an intensive skin booster crammed with nourishing cocoa butter and creamy shea butter. Super moisturising for instant results, this luxurious cream is laced with softening sweet almond oil, smoothing macadamia oil and protective vitamin E. A purely sumptuous skin food for all over pampering.

I SAY: The first thing I noticed about this Sanctuary Body Butter is that it doesn't smell offensively like chocolate like so many creams that include cocoa butter do. I personally find sickly sweet scents that are that powerful off-putting (I am not a digestive biscuit after all) so the brand's subtle approach to scent is a very big positive for me. Its a thick cream that absorbs reasonably quickly leaving skin moisturised although not as smooth as some other body butters I've tested do. I do like it though, despite myself. I always associate Sanctuary with middle-aged women for some bizarre reason. The packaging has changed since I bought this for myself a while ago but still retails at £9.50. Darcey Bussel is the new 'face/ambassador' of Sanctuary so if it's good enough for Britain's greatest Prima Ballerina, who am I to moan really?

What do you think of this Sanctuary Body Butter?
Have you tried it?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!


  1. Ooh that body butter looks soo luxurious :)

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