I felt like I needed to have a clear disclaimer policy in place to make sure that the readers of this blog and the companies I'm fortunate enough to work with are aware of my policy in regards to the way I go about posting about samples, sponsored links and/or posts and anything else that may need a disclaimer.

There are now official guidelines in place in regards to samples and sponsored content for bloggers and brands alike. I hope to adhere to these guidelines.

I am always 100% honest about the products that I review; but just because a product doesn't work for me, or have the qualities that I look for, doesn't mean it won't work for someone else so I will be professional and consider which of my readership will like it and write the post with positives for them included. The price point or the fact it's a sample will never sway my opinion. I will always use a product properly before I review it. This means that posts may take up to a month for me to write about it depending on the product and the amount of time I need for trialling. Make-up items will be quicker to test out than skincare.

Dependent on the product, I will possibly feature it once on it's own in a review and, in up to two further posts where they will be shown with other products (for example - 'Current Morning Skincare Routine', 'How To: Apply Red Lipstick', 'My Top 5' etc). This ultimately depends on my opinion of it though and therefore exposure apart from a single post can not be guaranteed. They may also be featured on my YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Each post where a sample is shown and reviewed will be ended with a disclaimer in small print. This disclaimer reads like this:

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) reviewed in the post were sent to me by the brand for review purposes. All opinions expressed about the product are my own. I will never dishonestly review a product as I believe dishonest reviews lead to a lack of trust from my readership. 

Sponsored posts vary in price. I take a lot of pride in my sponsored posts, work very hard on them, and as such the prices reflect this. I do not treat them as 'filler posts' and therefore when I spend a lot of time on them I expect an fair return for that time. I've been stung before by working very hard on one particular sponsored content to find that other bloggers have simply thrown their content together and been paid more for it. Understandably I don't want this to happen again. Unless the post is fitting for my blog content I will not accept it. This is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog so I will refuse content that is not in-keeping with those genres.

Please also be aware that I will not simply 'Copy and Paste' nor will I except anything that I haven't written myself. This blog is a labour of love for me and as such I want to have full control over all content. This means that I won't accept 'guest posts' from brands.

Each post that is sponsored will be ended with a disclaimer like this:

DISCLAIMER: This post has been sponsored and I have been paid to provide this content for my readership. All text has been written by me and all images have been sourced by me. Links that are sponsored are clearly shown with (*).

I'm always open to running giveaways on behalf of companies as I like my readership to be able to experience products for themselves and competitions are always a fun way to do that. However, if I already have one giveaway running I will not post another until it is over. Giveaways are run using Rafflecopter and the entry requirements for winning can be discussed to ensure that the brand and the blog mutually benefit from the competition.

Please be aware that any product featured in a giveaway must be in keeping with this blog's themes.

The camera that I use is an iPhone 4S phone camera and I try to include as many photos of the product as possible with a detailed amount of writing about the brand and what the product is/does/feels/price etc. My writing style can be seen by looking at my blog. I like to enlarge and bolden areas of text that will make reading the post easier for readers if they're in a hurry/travelling etc. I may also include some brand history if the brand is new to this blog and my readership. I also aim to include all the sites upon which the brand is reachable: twitter, faceboook, website, shops available and blog.


Combination: dry to oily T-Zone, dull, suffers from hyper-pigmentation after blemishes and severely dehydrated.

Fair, neutral-toned with freckles.

Blue, dark circles and puffiness are common, long eyelashes, almond shaped.

Wavy/curly thick dry hair recovering from colouring.

Extra dry skin and sometimes sensitive straight after showering. Doesn't naturally tan (I just burn).

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