Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I seem to have a accumulated a fair few Sanctuary products over time so here is another one ready to be reviewed (there is only one more of this brand's products scheduled for the immediate future - I promise).

This is the Sanctuary Deep Cleanse Facial Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash which, as you guessed it, is formulated specifically for your face. I don't tend to get excited over face washes as I think there are so many out that that claim to sing and dance for you that don't actually live up to their name.

This face wash foams up really well with only a small amount of product so even though this product is an eye-watering £8.99 for 140ml it does go a long way. It also smells quite nice (I would say slightly floral - in line with the usual Sanctuary scent that most of the brand's products seem to have) and it doesn't leave skin feeling really taut like some of the face washes available. After using this my skin was left feeling soft and completely clean as it completely removed any trace of cosmetics and left pores unclogged.

Its a rather wonderful product really... Just a shame about the price when compared to other great face washes.

Have you tried this Sanctuary Deep Cleanse Facial Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash?
What did you think of it? Any other face washes you can recommend?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!


  1. I love this :) I actually love all Sanctuary skincare as I used to get travel sets around Christmas time and I like them for when I am travelling and staying at a friends! I ADORE their Detox masque xo

    1. Sanctuary are rather amazing it has to be said - I wish I'd paid these products a bit more attention now :) xxx


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