I've seen this page on a few blogs and I thought it was a fantastic idea. I've decided that I want to complete my own list too. 

I'm in need of some new challenges at the moment so why not set myself some new goals? 

Some aims are going to be more achievable than others but that was what I liked about other people's lists - they were not only just personal and that I think that they were challenging and that made me really think about what was important to me and what I wanted to achieve.

I have until April 16th 2015 to complete this list which was started on today, 19th July 2012.

Anything that I have completed will be struck through and blue in color with the date that it was completed.
Anything that I am in the process of completing will be in this light blue color.

So here goes... Wish me luck!

001. Visit Paris
002. Visit New York 
003. Visit Rome
004. Visit London again. completed 27.05.13

005. Be saving for a mortgage in a separate account by the end of 2013.
006. Tidy up the garden that I love but have left to the weeds this year completed 09.10.12
007. Do at least one load of washing a day for a month.
008. Iron my clothes at least once a week for a month.
009. Keep my vanity area tidy and organised.
010. Hoover as soon as the rug starts to look ginger (courtesy of the cats) completed 09.09.13
011. Replace the bed sheets with more expensive and  better looking ones.

012. Establish a proper skin care routine that I follow without excuses  completed 19.09.12
013. Get my teeth properly cleaned and whitened by the dentist.
014. Lose the two stone that I have put on over the past two years.
015. Take the multivitamins and the vitamin E supplements I own but have never opened for one month. completed 31.08.13
016. Keep up my new hair color by seeing the hairdresser on a regular basis.
017. Get at least 8 hours worth of sleep a night for one month and not nap in the afternoons.
018. Learn how to contour my face properly. completed 19.09.12
019. Buy at least one ridiculously expensive product that I have wanted for a while.
020.Visit the Cosmetic Companies Outlet at Cheshire Oaks and have a blow out on products.

021. Pay off my credit cards.
022. Pay off the over draft in the joint account.
023. Learn how to distinguish between what I need to buy and what I simply want.
024. Have £1000 in my personal bank account that I have personally saved.
025. Pay my father back the money that I owe him.
026. Stop gambling on the internet late at night when I'm bored. completed 09.08.12

027. Manage to finally get Dave to propose to me... (could be the hardest aim on this list).
028. Learn to trust Dave when he goes on his lad's nights out  completed 01.12.12
029. Make an effort with my clothes and make-up for him even when we're simply staying at home.
030. Have at least three new 'experiences' together that he mentions again with a smile.

031. Tell my dad I love him and I respect him and admire him for everything he's ever done. completed 14.09.12
032. Spend more time with Rach doing girly and relaxing things.
033. Spend more time with Jamie and really get to know my brother.
034. Spend more time as a family together doing things and seeing things - having fun. completed 14.02.13
035. Maybe start a family of my own? Eek!
036. Save enough money to send my dad on a holiday.

037. Allow Dave to teach me one driving lesson and not let it erupt into a blazing row. completed 15.04.13
038. Pass my theory test.
039. Pass my driving test.
040. Own my own car completed 20.09.12

041. Answer one question a day on the 365 challenge I've also set myself. FAIL - I never managed to complete this as it got too self-indulgent and drivel full!
042. Write a different post every day for one month that I can publish. completed 31.08.12
043. Reach 50 followers. completed 12.08.12
044. Host another giveaway. completed 21.08.12
045. Attend a blogger meet-up completed 01.12.12
046. Make a YouTube Video completed 20.07.12
047. Tell three other bloggers what I really admire about their blogs completed 15.01.12

048. Learn how to cook an apple pie that is edible.
049. Learn how to cook dishes for my food intolerance that Dave can eat too completed 12.12.12
050. Wash up straight after I have cooked every time I cook for two months.
051. Eat my five-a-day for ten days.
052. Drink green tea instead of normal tea and coffee for ten days.

053. Switch my job from the current one to the one that I enjoy and will gain emotionally from.
054. Whilst still in my current occupation I will be the best I possibly can at it completed 08.12.12
055. Learn to take any customer abuse on the chin - most of the time it's not personal completed 08.12.12
056. Start a conversation with one customer every day for a month - no matter how boring it is completed 30.11.12

057. Look into beauty courses at colleges nearby to me and seriously think about enrolling. completed 01.09.13 - I haven't enrolled because the course would be too much money for me at the moment.
058. Actually read the classics on my bookcase instead of buying new books.
059. Teach a stranger something that they didn't already know. completed 03.08.12
060. Learn to speak Italian with the 'Learn Italian' kit I've already got and never opened.
061. Re-learn the French that I learnt in school and use it when I visit Paris.
062. Learn a bit more about my Dad's job and Jamie's Chemistry degree.

063. Buy a hoola-hoop and use it.
064. Go to a fancy dress party.
065. See a Ballet.
066. See an Opera.
067. Go to Alton Towers with a group of friends. completed 31.07.13
068. See a Shakespeare play.
069. Attend a dance class.
070. Throw a dinner party.
071. Make a You-Tube video. completed 10.09.12
072. Go go-karting with Dave.
073. Surprise Dave with tickets to a film he really wants to see. completed 30.08.12

074. Go on a night out but not drink at all.
075. Eat a five course meal and not feel guilty about the calorie intake.
076. Stop buying weekly magazines that I flick through but don't read. 31.07.12
077. Re-watch the entire Sex And The City box set.
078. Watch an entire TV series I've never watched before completed 18.12.12 - 'Arrow'
079. Say 'yes' to five things I know will take me out of my comfort zone.
080. Make more of an effort to get to know Dave's female family members.
081. Make at least 5 new friends I see on a regular basis.
082. Buy Christmas gifts in November instead of the last minute December rush failed - 12.12.12
083. Buy one designer item of clothing.
084. Buy a fresh bunch of flowers every week for my bedside table for one month.
085. Find peace with myself and the things about myself that I loathe completed 20.12.12
086. Write a different 10 point list of things I like about myself every day for a week.
087. Finally put all of Dave's Vegas pictures in a frame to hang on the wall of the living room.
088. Buy and use a gym membership.
089. Wear a color that I would never dream of wearing normally.
090. Let Dave buy me a piece of clothing and wear it in public.
091. Replace my dressing gown with something a little more slinky and feminine.
092. Have a piece of my writing published in a magazine I read and admire.
093. Smile at someone I don't know at least once a day for a month.
094. Go without alcohol for at least 1 month.
095. Dance in the rain. 14.12.12
096. Fill a sketch pad with drawings.
097. Extend my vocabulary by 365 words (one word every day for a year).
098. Be spontaneous at least 10 times in one year.
099. Finally put the past to rest by writing a letter to the person that 'damaged' it and sending that letter completed 01.08.12
100. Learn to find happiness in the small things I already have completed 15.09.12

101. Complete this list of challenges and aims with 1001 days.


  1. Just found this list. And it so safe to say. Now I want to write my own 101 things in 1001 days. SO exciting!

    1. I hope you have fun making your own list - I love doing this list of stuff so much! Working on trying to get a few of these accomplished at the same time! It's hectic but fun! xxx

  2. This is such a good idea! I think I'm going to do something like this too! Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

    1. No problem - I hope you get through your list :) xxx

  3. Love this idea and good luck with completing everything!



  4. I love this idea and how you've done it. How is it going, how often do you think about completing something on the list?


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