Sunday, 9 September 2012


I've decided I want to try to incorporate some different things into this blog. I love beauty and I have written about it consistently but I feel that there are so many other things that I could share with you all. Hence, every Sunday I'm going to share a recipe with you for some rather indulgent food.

I'm very interested in food and I love cooking. I like to be healthy during the week and then indulge at the weekends. Here is the recipe for my favourite pasta dish: Chicken and Mushroom Lasagne. I've used a fully cooked chicken here (this saves me money as there is only me and Dave so I can get two decent days' worth of meals out of one chicken) but please feel free to use whatever type of chicken you like, be it whole breast or leg etc.

Also, this recipe works really well if you throw any other vegetables you want to in. Dave doesn't actively choose to eat vegetables so I have to avoid adding lots of yummy greens. However if I was on my own making this I would add courgettes and some spinach.


Chicken (diced/chopped)
Mushrooms (chopped)
Red Onion (chopped)
Carbonara Sauce
Lasagne Sheets (dry)
Parmesan (grated)

Cook the chicken depending on which type of chicken you're using. I roasted a whole chicken and then picked the bones, using half of the meat for this dish. Lightly fry a whole punnet of mushrooms and one diced  red onion together. Drain the excess oil after it's all cooked.

Whilst you're doing this, boil the kettle and lay 15 dry pasta sheets out on a shallow tray. Pour the boiling water over the pasta sheets and leave them to soften (for about five minutes).

Heat the carbonara sauce so that it is runny and not thick like it will be in the jar.

When the sheets are slightly soft lay the first layer at the bottom of the dish you are planning to use (I've used a dish that is 2.5 inches deep and 8 inches wide square) before placing chicken over the top of them and covering with carbonara sauce. Place more lasagne sheets over this.

Spoon mushrooms and red onion onto the top then cover with some Carbonara sauce and repeat the layers in this way until you are near the top of the dish you are using.

Using the bread crumbs, layer the top so that it's all covered. After this add the Parmesan over the breadcrumbs. Use as much or as little Parmesan as you like (I like a lot).

Leave in the oven on a high temperature (I'd say 200C or Gas Mark 5) for roughly 45-50 minutes. Regularly check that the breadcrumb and Parmesan crust isn't burning (if it is cover with tin foil and leave in the oven on a lower setting for another 10 minutes).

Use a sharp knife to test that the pasta is cooked through and soft. You should be able to go straight through the dish to the base with ease. If not, replace in the oven and cook until you can easily reach the base of the dish with a knife.

Then serve, sit back and enjoy. I've added a garlic baguette to my plate but a rocket salad is gorgeous with this dish. This is definitely one for the up and coming winter months when all you want is warming and filling food.

Stick a fork in me - I'm done.


  1. This looks yummy, shame i am allergic to Chicken ):

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Really? I don't know what I would do if I was allergic to chicken! :0 xxx

  2. I've never ever had lasagne with anything other than beef mince-might have to try this! xo

    1. I nabbed the recipe from the chef at work - I love trying different things :) xxx

  3. This looks really yummy -- I've never thought of putting chicken in lasagne before! xx

    1. Much healthier than the fat in minced beef (if you discount all the cream in the carbonara haha) but they are both equally as yummy xxx

  4. mmm! looks so good :) I'm a sucker for food

    Ploy <3 xx


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