Friday, 7 September 2012


Dave very kindly bought me this Freyaluna Try Me Selection Box after I hounded him for weeks about it. I love the concept of natural beauty and having seen rave reviews about some of these products I was stamping my feet, determined to get hold of one as soon as possible.

In this box you get 8 samples - 5 of your own choice and then 3 that Sami, the founder of Freyaluna, picks out for you after you have told her what your skin 'problems' are. I told Sami that I have problems with blemishes on my jawline but have really really dry skin on my body which keeps me awake at night sometimes from all of the scratching that I do. I received a great letter from Sami explaining the products she had chosen for me and then this beautifully packaged box of goodies.

The beauty of the Freyaluna Try Me Selection Box is that the samples are all things that you will use up and they're at least one try's worth in size so you can properly judge if this is the product you will be purchasing in full.

For my box I chose:

SLEEP EASY BATH AND BODY OIL: I don't have a bath so this was more for putting on my body before I curl up to sleep. I suffer with a bad sleeping pattern. I have slept more heavily than usual this past couple of nights since using this. It smells so soothing and relaxing.

NIGHT TIME FOOT BUTTER: It has a strange consistency but it's not something I couldn't live with. It also smells of lemongrass which makes a refreshing change from the usual peppermint foot products on the market. I applied it before bed, covered my feet in socks (although I don't know if this is how I was supposed to do it) and woke up to soft tootsies first thing.

BAN THE BLEMISH FACIAL MOISTURISER: By the time this sample arrived I was having a 'good skin day' where I didn't have any immediate blemishes to have to sort out. I've been using this for a couple of days now though and there doesn't appear to be any sign of a spot on my chin. I do have a small one on my forehead though.

ROSE LOTION: I just really like rose scented products so I wanted to see what this was like. It is very heavily scented but it's wonderful. It's got an oily feel but is most definitely a lotion (does that make sense?). It's moisturising and just ever so lovely.

CHAMOMILE SUGAR SCRUB: This is the only product I wasn't overly fussed about. It's lovely but I couldn't really tell if it was doing anything to my skin because there was only the sample's worth and that didn't cover my thigh unfortunately. Still, it smelt nice.

For my box Sami choose:

COCOA BODY BUTTER: Sami choose this for me to try because of my dry skin on my body. The first thing that hit me was the scent - I didn't think it was too chocolately but rather smelt like chocolate frosting you can get for cakes. Yummy! I think it helped a lot but I only got one try out of it so I couldn't see if it had a continued affect on my skin.

BAN THE BLEMISH FACIAL TONIC: This goes hand in hand with the Ban The Blemish Facial Moisturiser I picked out for myself. I was using this tonic specifically on my jaw line and possibly that is why there are no spots there anymore. I don't know. It's a mystery. But it smells minty fresh and leaves my skin ultra smooth so I'm not complaining.

THE ONE FOR ECZEMA: Sami acknowledged that I don't have Eczema but that she thought this cream would help me with the itchiness I experience due to the dry skin on my legs. I will be honest - I used a little bit myself and then passed it on to  my friend Zoe who really does have Eczema to see what she thought. We both agreed that it was soothing on the itchiness whilst at the same time soft and gentle. Zoe especially noticed a small amount of the redness on her skin go down.

All in all I really liked this box - there was a great selection of products and I enjoyed the products that Sami picked out for me too. I think that when I can spend my money again I will be purchasing the Sleep Easy Bath and Body Oil in full size as well as the Rose Lotion and maybe I could treat myself to the Ban The Blemish products too? Actually, I will blag Dave to get them for me for Christmas.

Freyaluna Try Me Setection Boxes are available for £11.95 plus postage and packaging. You can browse all of the Freyaluna Website here.


  1. Looks like a little box of loveliness!! I'll recommend the eczema one to my sister as she suffers quite badly with it.
    Claire x

    1. Fab - maybe she can get a box like this to see if she likes it first? Glad it was useful :) xxx

  2. Ooh how exciting! These products all sound fantastic and such adorable packaging! I'm particularly intrigued bu the sugar scrub and the facial tonic!

    1. The packaging is so lovely :) You will have to order a box and try them yourself xxx

  3. I love the Rose Lotion - doing a mini project pan to buy it! The facial tonic is nice too as is the rose bath & body oil x

    1. The rose lotion is definitely the next product I want to purchase! It was so lush :) xxx

  4. I've seen quite a few bloggers with these now, may have to give in to the peer pressure and buy one. Although the packaging alone makes me want a box!

    The samples all look like decent size too, which is always a bonus!

    Lola | xx

    1. Get one Lola - they're such a great idea and there are so many products to try! I loved mine :) xxx


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