Thursday, 20 September 2012


This was another product I picked up in their unbelievably generous offer the other week. Again, the obsession with Morocco presented itself with this fabulous The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Morocco Black Olive and Argan Oil Scrub. I have been going without a body scrub for a while as I couldn't settle on one that I really wanted. Until I saw this - obviously.

The packaging is different to the usual types that scrubs are presented in. I like it. It has a clasp that makes the lid seal and become impenetrably water-proof. When I finish the entire product I am genuinely tempted to wash and sterilise the jar for jam (just me? Oh OK then...).

Don't let the colour put you off - it's the black olives used in the ingredients that have no doubt given it that hue. It's got a runny consistency but I view this as a positive thing - it means I am not scooping out handfuls of product that I will inevitably wash down the drain. It has small black bits (get me with my beauty lingo! Ha!) that gently lathers up and exfoliates away dead skin cells leaving skin visibly smoother. It even did the job on my elbows when usually not much more than a soak in two lemon halves can get those brutes to soften.

The scent is a little - how can I put this? - it smells sweet but woody. Does that make any sense? It's not unpleasant by any stretch of the imagination anyway. I rather like it personally. The scent doesn't overpower though so any body butter/lotion can be applied over it without a clash of scent.

All in all, for the £12.00 (Dave) paid I am very happy with my purchase. Its definitely a product I will repurchase in the future.


  1. wow this looks like a great scrub, i like the packaging!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Will definitely have to purchase. Damn you and your review - you're no good for my bank balance! Haha ;)

    Lola x


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