Friday, 28 September 2012


Hey everyone, it's Islay here from!

Helen was asking for some people to do some guest posts on her blog and so I said I would love to do one for her!

Anywaaaay, a bit of an introduction to me and my blog- I'm called Islay, I'm 16 and from the South Coast of England. My blog is mainly beauty and fashion based with a bit of nail art, cooking and random other posts/videos thrown in!

I wasn't sure what to write about in this post but after having a chat with Helen we both decided on some nail art because it's a bit different to what Helen usually posts and I love doing this sort of post! 

Here is the design I'm going to show you how to create:

And here is how I did them!

Firstly get your first colour and create a shape on your nail so it is high at the sides and dipped down in the middle (if that makes sense!) But basically it’s like painting your nail but with a semi circle left without polish at your cuticle! (if you go wrong you can always neaten it up after with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover) Alternatively you could paint your whole nail and then paint in the semi circle white afterwards if it’s easier!

Next paint the belly by doing a brush stroke down the centre which is rounded at the top. I chose to do this in a similar colour to the first one as you can see.

By using a dotting tool create two large yellow circles for the eyes.

Use the first colour and create tiny lines on the belly to give the effect of feathers.

Paint an orange triangle for the beak.

Add a small black dot in the middle of the eye to bring the owl to life.

Finish off with a top coat and wait for it to dry!

These owls are superrr cute for any occasion and obviously you can change the colours to match what you are wearing. I chose to do each nail a different colour for each nail but you can do them all the same or each hand the same, it’s up to you! They also aren't too tricky to do so even if you aren't too experienced with nail art you can give them a go!

I hope you liked them and please check out my blog for more posts including nail art!



Thank you so much for this post Islay - this is the cutest nail art that I have ever seen! I wish I was talented as you are with nails! And I can safely say that there are plenty of posts like this over on Islay's blog so please go check her out.


  1. haha I'm glad you liked the post! :D


  2. Woww these are too awesome. Will definitely have to try this! Won't look as good as this though!


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