Saturday, 15 September 2012


This mascara has featured on this blog before in my Top Five Products Under £10 and I'm still loving it - so it's getting a post all to itself.

For £10 (at the time of the above post it was on offer at Boots for £7.00) this mascara was something I was a little dubious about - I love Soap and Glory's body products but a branch out into cosmetics is completely different. It has such a big wand that I thought it would be messy to apply to my lashes but lo and behold it was actually very easy. 

It coats every lash well, giving a a full flutter with added volume. I wouldn't say it's the best volume mascara I've ever come across but it's in the top 10 most definitely. I like that it has real bristles too (as anyone that reads this blog regularly will know that plastic bristles are a no-go for me).

I don't want this mascara to finish but I fear its on it's way out because it is starting to clump slightly. Still, that's nothing that a little soak in some boiling water won't fix, is it?


  1. How do you find S&G make up? Would you buy it again?xo

  2. I was a little unsure as well, when soap and glory branched out into cosmetics, but this sounds fab :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I have always wanted to try Soap & Glory make up products. I have always loved their skincare range but was always reluctant on trying their cosmetics. But this mascara and it's wand sounds brill!



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