Saturday, 1 September 2012


Ah - my bad photography skills strike again!

Anyway - Bio-Oil. I literally can't believe that it took me so long to find this miracle.

If you suffer from dramatic weight gain/loss like I tend to and have the stretch marks to prove it, have several scars you want to reduce the visibility of (I have these too) or simply want to look after your skin on your body as it goes through pregnancy (although I can't vouch for this one several of my friends can) I can't recommend this product highly enough. Honestly, I can't imagine not using this product. It's a must-have for me. It has managed to visibly reduce my massive purple stretch marks and allow me to wear skirts again without fear of showing my thighs and knees. I make it sound like a miracle product and for me it truly is - there is a reason this is a 'cult' product.

Simply rub it into your skin after you've showered or bathed twice a day and let it do it's magic. There is a slight talcy scent to it but nothing that a good body cream can't cover if you choose to scent yourself in a different way on top of this product. It leaves a subtle sheen on the skin whilst it absorbs but nothing too greasy so don't fret about your clothes if you want to dress straight after you've applied it.

Bio-Oil RRP is £8.99 for 60ml or £19.99 for 200ml (200ml is currently on offer at Boots as a buy-on-get-one-free product).

Have you used Bio-Oil?
What do you think of it?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!


  1. I swear by this stuff too! It's amazing for scars! There used to be one which they sold in poundland which has literally the same ingredients (but for a pound obviously...) and it was just as good but I haven't seen it for a while so I've switched back to the original one!

    1. I will be keeping my eye out for that then as this can be so expensive if I don't have the money to buy this version when it runs out :( thanks for the tip lovely :) xxx

  2. I've never tried Bio-oil but considering it after having lost so much weight.. think it's more of a tummy tuck I need mind you! ;) xo

    1. Don't be daft lovely - you're beautiful :) This is a great product though - I know it helps me a lot :) xxx

  3. bio oil is a holy grail product for sure! it got rid of an ugly scar i got from an infected bite and i've been using it ever since! xx

  4. I love bio oil and how it has soo many uses :)

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway! x

  5. I love bio-oil, I've used it on scars and stretch marks and it works a dream. Feels lovely when applied and smells wonderful too, lovely products :) Elle xo


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