Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Marks and Spencer's Limited Collection Lipsticks come in a range of colours but I chose the colour 'Plum' as I wanted another lipstick to channel this season's berry shades with.

This lipstick is £5 which seems reasonable enough although the colour in reality looks nothing like the swatch on the website. I was expecting a purpley-plum and instead I was presented with a red-plum. Hey-ho, next time I choose a Limited Collection Lipstick it will be in store. Live, learn and all that jazz.

It's a nice quality lipstick and highly pigmented. The bullet is a tad soft so it's probably better applying this with a brush and I would say add a slick of Lipcote over the top to make it last a bit longer. The colour bleeds so maybe a lip liner should be used too? It stains rather a lot after wear but I don't mind that too much as I will just use a lip scrub to lessen the colour.

Would I recommend it? This is one of those products that could swing either way for anyone so my suggestion would be to try one for yourself and see what you think. I don't deem it a waste of money but then I don't think any lipstick can be classed as a waste of money because I love them too much.


  1. Ohh gorgeous colour on you :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. That's some unusual lipstick packaging right there. Shame it didn't turn out as it looked on the website, I never seem to find a lipstick online that looks as it does in the bullet! It's strange how I find £5 expensive for a lipstick after sampling MUA ones :/ xxx

    1. Yeah, I agree, lipsticks aren't usually so... space age? Haha yes I know what you mean about MUA! It makes the price I paid for my Dior look ridiculous xxx


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