Friday, 19 October 2012


This lipstick came in a GlossyBox that wasn't aware that I actually paid for... Nonetheless I was a little bit delighted to see that there was something other than the usual sachets of sh*t in a box for a change - and not only that, a product I knew I was going to love playing with as anyone that knows me knows I have a rather big lipstick habit.

The only other product I have tried by Yves Rocher was a mascara which I really liked. This lipstick is the most beautiful and vibrant raspberry red. The packaging makes it easy to reach for as it stands out from the rest of my lip products It's highy pigmented and the colour on the lip is only slightly less than the colour in the actual bullet. It's opaque on the lip but isn't matte. There is a slight gloss which makes my pout look fuller. It's scented too with a powdery fragrance that's subtle but sweet.

I wanted to love this lipstick. I wanted it to be my new best friend - especially as the colour is perfect for the autumn's opulent jewel tones without being one of those trending berry shades currently seen on the runways during the fashion weeks.

It glides on but it smudges. When I first apply it I look like a child that has played with her mother's products. The formula of the bullet is so soft that if I press just the slightest bit too hard on my mouth I end up misshaping the entire lipstick. I dare not drink when I wear it, or eat, because it comes off onto anything. Dave took one look at my tea-cup and actively avoided a kiss until I wiped it off. 

To try and combat this I am keeping it in the fridge in the hope that it 'hardens' slightly. I haven't seen any drastic results yet but it doesn't make it a little easier to apply.

Having said this, every cloud has a silver lining - I'm going to be using it as a light stain. I first noticed that this lipstick stains when I tried to remove it and it left a lovely frost-bitten look to my lips. Maybe this is the way forward? 

Yves Rocher Lipsticks are available from Yves Rocher online at the RRP of £14.50. 


  1. It's a lovely colour just a shame it smudges, smudgey lippie is something I can't be dealing with! I actually bought a few bits from yves rocher when I was on hol and I really like them, didn't buy any makeup though :) x

  2. Gorgeous colour, shame it smudges!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. omg such a lovely colour! xo

  4. this is such a lovely colour- annoying that it smudges though! Was this your free box that you got?xx

  5. Gorgeous red! It reminds me of Revlon Strawberry Suede. Your lips look hot by the way;)


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