Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Because I'm a douche and got so ridiculously excited about this product being American I didn't get around to photographing this EOS lipbalm in 'Summer Fruits' before I started to use it. I received it from the very lovely Islay over at as I sent her a little package of Primark nail varnishes and in return I got this. Eep I was so excited! Thank you so much Islay!

I found the top a little disconcerting to get to grips with. Packaging tends to baffle me (just me? OK then...) with most things but I genuinely thought the top would just pop off. No. It's a screw top which was obviously  destined to boggle my mind.

For some strange reason I also thought that this was going to be a sort of roller-ball. I think the dome shape tricks the mind. It's actually a solid balm that I can slick onto my lips straight away without that 'shoving of the finger into a pot of goo' nonsense that comes with traditional British lip-care.

It smells of peaches even though the label says 'Summer Fruits' and the scent translates to the actual balm as it tastes of peaches too (no - I didn't lick the balm - you know what I mean...). It's non-greasy, very moisturising and leaves a lovely light sheen on the pout. I love it.

Thank you Islay! It was a great gift and I am sincerely enjoying using it!


  1. It looks really good, and it definitely appeals to me more as a peach scent/flavour than summer fruits :P :)



  2. hahaa glad you liked it! I can see what you mean about it looking like a roller ball! I thought it smelt of peaches too!xxx

  3. This product scores top marks for cute factor. I want one!

  4. I've never tried them, but the packaging is adorable! x

  5. Aw thats cute, i want to try one of these SO bad!

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. I'm just not a fan of these balms. I've had a few now and I find that although they make your lips feel really nice, the actual balm doesn't last long on your lips. I was reapply way to often.

    I hope this works better for you though. They all smell amazing!

    LolaStarHearts xx

  7. I would love to try a Eos balm and simply ownone jusbecause of the packaging ^_*


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