Wednesday, 24 October 2012


This was a gift from my step-mum Rach for my birthday. Firstly I would like to point out that this perfume bottle is a nightmare to photograph. That's isn't to say that I'm ungrateful for receiving it - simply that in blogging terms it isn't easy to show you all what it's like. It's massive and bumpy but cute. It's supposed to look like a lady-bug I think... Although with a designer like Marc Jacobs it could be anything... I do love the bottle. It looks so great and different among my collection of perfumes.

The perfume itself is very fruity to begin with. I get a hint of raspberry and cherry although the PR simply reads as 'Red Berries' and a touch of the sweetness is floral (honeysuckle apparently). It does fade very quickly to the heart accords of citrus fruits and coconut (something I didn't think I would be keen on but actually quite like) before the base notes of vanilla and something slightly musky come through at the end of the wear.

Perfume smells completely different on everyone because of the chemistry of every individuals skin. I think this smells a little 'teenagery' on me at first but then it becomes a little more subtle and mature as it settles onto my skin. I like it but it's by no stretch of the imagination my absolute favourite scent. I currently use it for work (even though I shouldn't because of it possibly tainting the ale/food) and it would appear that men quite like it... I have had a few tips since I started wearing it anyway. 

I think this a perfume that you should sample before you buy - but don't just buy off the first whiff and definitely spray some on your skin so you can see how it smells on you and not on a cardboard tester. That's my advice anyway. And from what I can tell - it's completely different to Daisy or Lola (not that I like those scents anyway...).

Marc Jacobs 'Dot' EDP is available at most perfumeries and perfume counters across the UK. RRP: £37.00 - £68.00.


  1. Good review, ooh extra tips eh, i should start wearing this asap aha :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. This is such a beautiful perfume! I love it :)


  3. My sister mentioned she wanted this for her birthday so I checked it out in Boots. When I sprayed it on my hand I wasn't sure, but once it had settled later on it was actually quite nice! Think I prefer Daisy though xx


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