Saturday, 6 October 2012


When I use mascara I wiggle the brush right into the roots of my lashes to create volume. I've done this since Boots released that make-up and skincare DVD way back when (does anyone remember that? does anyone still have that? I lost mine - unhappy face) Lisa Eldridge (at least I think that was who it was) taught me how to apply mascara properly...

Fast forward at least 4 years, maybe 5, and this mascara is something of a curve ball. When I originally bought this it was because I'd seen it used in a couple of Pixiwoo videos and I thought 'I have to get me one of them!'. I couldn't get to grips with the fact that this mascara rotates though and so I simply started using my other mascaras and this little Bourjois baby was left to collect dust somewhere in the depths of my stash. I re-watched some of the Pixiwoo videos I used to love this past week though so I have fished this mascara out and dusted it down for a second chance. This time I really like it.

It coats every lash with the perfect amount of mascara so there's no clumping. It leaves a natural looking finish without that 'you're obviously wearing black mascara' look that some mascara's do. The rotating of the wand, which is just the right size for my lashes, makes it easier to coat each individual lash, even when wiggling it about as I do (old habits die hard). It rotates in both directions so that each eye can be done in the same way (does that make sense?) which was what baffled me in the first place. Oh if only I had bothered to actually look at the packaging I would have realised that it rotates both ways and wouldn't have simply discarded the entire product for being too hard to use rotating only one way! I am an idiot sometimes! 

Anyway this mascara is my new best friend. I seriously like it and am carrying it everywhere with me. It's available from most Bourjois stands and retails for £11.99.


  1. I love it too!! whenever I leave it too long though it always traps my lashes!! xo

  2. This is my favourite mascara :D xx

  3. No la he usado pero tiene muy buena pinta. La apunto y gracias por la info.


  4. Ive never tried this & I tend to over look most mascaras as I love my No7 one. This does sound fab tho. I may have to use my points and pick this up from Boots

  5. Wow sounds interesting, i can imagine it would take me a while to get to grips with this too!

    Sophierosehearts x

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