Friday, 5 October 2012


Right: one coat of tint//Left: two coats of tint

Rosy cheeks are going to be a main stay this autumn, at least for me anyway - but I love a lip product too. This two-in-one Lip & Cheek Tint from Limited Collection (Marks and Spencer) seemed right up my alley when I used up my vouchers a few weeks ago. 

I haven't actually used it at all for my cheeks, as I prefer powder blushes and already own Benetint, but as a lip tint it works fairly well. Its a cherry red looks striking in reality but hasn't really shown up that well in the photos. The doe-foot applicator makes the product easy to apply without being too messy. The tint doesn't sink in particularly quickly though as it congregates on any dry parts of the lip and requires a finger to rub the rest it. My upper lip has a tiny bit of pigmentation missing (scar from a serious bought of Impetigo as a child) which this tint doesn't fill in as much as I would like but that is something I have learnt to live with over the years of using glosses and lipsticks.

I think for the RRP of £5 this makes an easy product to use as and when you feel like a pop of colour on the go. It doesn't last particularly long as it comes off when drinking hot beverages very easily but stays put when drinking cold (odd?). Maybe a coat of Lipcote over the top of it would cement it in place.

I'm glad I tried it but I would only recommend it if you have the time and dedication to scrub your lips and hydrate them thoroughly before using it every morning. Other than that buy Benetint instead - yes, it costs a heck of a lot more but in this instance what you pay for is what you actually get.


  1. Love the colour, but it would be at a loss with me, Idrink far too much coffee haha!

    1. I know what you mean - I always drink hot drinks (although I'm trying to cut back on coffee) so really it's a summer product when down at the pub... :) xxx

  2. The colours really nice, I am yet to find a multi use tint, this looks really good though, but like you said, I'm not sure if I've got the patients to scrub my lips each time I want to wear it xx

  3. Nice colour, but tints can be really drying for me!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. I absolutely love lip tints.. they look so natural.
    nad this one is so pretty.


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