Friday, 5 October 2012


Balance Me Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream is the first eye cream I have used consistently since I received it in my Glossybox last month (which by the way, for anyone who didn't read my rant about that company, I have had an email today apologising for the tardiness of the box - which looks to have been sent en masse to a lot of people  - and I read that some people still haven't received their's!).

Anyway, so I have been using this eye cream for roughly ten days now which is a record for me. I have an Estee Lauder eye cream that I have used maybe once or twice but had for nearly six months now. Irregardless of this I was rather taken with this product. I have recently become very conscious of the bags under my eyes - mainly due to Dave and family members telling me that I constantly look 'tired' (and we all know what that is a euphemism for).

This product glides on beautifully, sinks in quickly and does what it says on the packaging: soothes, brightens and lifts. If you had asked me about it yesterday I wouldn't have been able to recommend it highly enough. Black bags no more! 

Today, however, is different. Today I have suffered a reaction to it and I am currently, only a few hours before I am due to go out for a night of drinks and dancing, holding cold compresses against my eyes whilst I get Dave to search for anti-histamines in the 'medical' drawer (actually just an old Tony & Guy gift bag of miscellaneous medicines).

I'm not sure what it was but I have a more than strong conviction that it was this eye cream that has caused it. I was playing with make-up earlier but it was all make-up I have tried out before from brands that I know I have never had a reaction to. My eyes started to hurt but I just thought it was fall out from the glitter that was causing sensitivity. I then used my usual Estee Lauder gentle eye make-up remover to remove all of the cosmetics I was playing with and that was when my eyes started to really really sting. They didn't just sting though - they puffed up and have remained puffy for nigh on 3 hours now. My driving instructor asked me if I had been crying and if I could see well enough to drive. My vision was slightly blurry from all of the puffiness but not so that I couldn't see. 

I have used that make-up and make-up remover together before now. That is how I know that it can't be those products.

Maybe it was a reaction between the essential oils in the cream with the make-up remover? Maybe it was that this reaction has been building for ten days now and just needed that catalyst of something else to cause some serious issues? Either way I am really upset about it. This product was wonderful up until today. It genuinely was. I thought I had been converted to actually using eye creams on a regular/daily basis but- alas! It will not be so.

I'm now off to shove some green tea bags over my eyes as the very amazing Steph from Stephanie Pomfrett has come to my rescue on Twitter with this advice. Fingers crossed it works!


  1. Ohgolly, i hope the puffiness goes down asap and you can go out and go dancing!!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Its started to go down now - I am putting off doing my make-up for as long as possible though :( xxx

  2. I have been using this every day since I got it, and the lines under my eyes are ten-times wore. I don't think your body actually NEEDS all these creams and potions. I'm not sure whether I need to stop using this cream or not :s x

    1. If your eyes are worse then I would stop - I'm not the only one that seems to have had a reaction either by the sounds of things from Twitter! I don't think that the face needs lots of potions but I know I won't be using eye creams again for a long time now :| xxx

  3. Oh no - its awful when you have a reaction to a product! I have this in my 'to use' draw. I think I might give it a miss.


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