Tuesday, 23 October 2012



I've been AWOL for nearly three days due to a bad case of sniffles. Those of you who follow/interact with me on Twitter will know I have been non-stop moaning for at least 72 hours. I'm pathetic when I'm poorly but as I don't tend to be sick that often I think I can be excused (a childhood spent running around a veterinary surgery barefoot does wonders for the immune system - that and eating daisies, but let's get back to the topic in hand...). 

To celebrate the return of my ability to smell I thought I would bring you a perfume review. This is the Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme that has recently hit the shops. Dave bought it me for my birthday as it was the only one out of a long list of perfumes that he thought would suit me and that he thought he decided he wouldn't mind me wearing... He usually gets a bit picky about what I wear as he doesn't like anything too musky/masculine on women (apparently).

Fronted by wonder-woman Gwyneth Paltrow, the blogging movie-making cooking fashion-icon mother of two, this is scent designed for the ambitious but feminine woman that wants something graceful and elegant to fragrance her as she glides across the bar/restaurant/film-set in her little black dress. 

The packaging is sleek and sophisticated. It is literally a little black bottle with gold detailing and a clear lid. It looks great on my dressing table and I imagine it would look good on anyone else's too. It initially smells of soft florals with a touch of fruit - peach apparently - which lead to a heart harmony of jasmine, violet and other white flowers before a base of woody scents such as sandlewood and moss come through.

From what I have just written I was destined to hate this scent: I can't really do florals without smelling like a little old lady. This, however, is just the right balance of oriental and floral scents which lead to a rather intoxicating mix of fragrances that I just adore. The longevity of this perfume is also extraordinary - it just seems to last so well on me. Most perfumes have worn off within a couple of hours but this just keeps on going. It's grown-up but still playful, subtle but obviously beautiful.

It may well have just wedged it's way into the top spot on my list of favourite perfumes.

Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme is available at perfumery counters nationwide. RRP: £34.00 - £47.00


  1. I need to go and smell this still! I think the bottle looks really grown up and I love the black and gold! The scent sounds really pretty too!xx

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