Thursday, 4 October 2012


I gave one of these away on Twitter not so long ago but I tried it for myself too. I bought a couple of these masks out of my Marks and Spencer gift vouchers as I have a love affair with Apivita.

Red wine has long been cited as containing lots of anti-oxidants that help with everything from eliminating toxins from the skin to being good for your heart. I was looking forward to using this mask and I wasn't disappointed.

The mask itself smells like corked red wine. For anyone that doesn't know what the smells like - imagine a fruity wet dog smell. I know - not appealing. However, the smell is only light so it won't disturb anyone too much (at least it didn't disturb me that much anyway). The red pigment in the mask can be a little off putting but please be assured it doesn't stain the skin in any way as long as you wash it off properly.

It doesn't go hard nor does it peel off so it remains kind of sticky to the touch when on the skin but it leaves the skin feeling soft, looking plumped and radiant after use and, I don't know if it was just me, my skin seemed to let my moisturiser sink in a little quicker after I used it.

I would recommend it and I look forward to using the second little sachet of it the next time I have a pamper session.


  1. This sounds so interesting! And who can resist beauty product with red wine? ;)

    1. Its a great product so give it a whirl! Hahah - I know what you mean :) although it isn't drinkable :( Apivita needs to sort that bit out ;) xxx

  2. How can this product be anything but great, its a beauty product with wine!!!!


    1. I know haha! Everyone loves a bit of wine :) xxx


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