Wednesday, 3 October 2012


As someone who has never had the tools to correctly apply eye make-up I have become something of a 'lipstick with a flick of eyeliner' girl. I recently discovered (thanks to Shona from Fresh Beauty XOXO) that I have 'hooded' eye lids, well, semi-hooded anyway, and that makes eye shadows a little irrelevant for me really. Still, as a lover of all things beauty and as I happen to have an obsession with Real Techniques at the moment I just had to accept these brushes when Dave offered to buy them for me (well, obviously - it would have been very rude of me to decline after all *mock horror*).

From left to right: base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush and brow brush - all presented in a black case suitable for travel that doubles as a stand for the vanity area.

These Real Techniques brushes are beautiful and have actually transformed the way that I apply any eye make-up to my lids. They blend even the most stubborn shades together with ease. My favourite is the brow brush though - it has completely changed how I do my eye brows. They look neater and more defined now that I use this brush - and that, for me was worth the money for the entire set (RRP £21.99).

I have only tested these brushes with neutrals but as I have a night out planned that requires an intense evening look I will hopefully be using them to create a smoky looking eye for my eyelid type.

The Real Techniques Starter set is available from Boots in the UK and on the Real Techniques website.


  1. Ahhh i want this so bad, and the core collection, ahah, deffo christmas presents!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. LOVE real techniques brushes! x

  3. I love these! I want another set. And another set of the Core Collection! And basically all the brushes I have from RT haha xo

  4. I want this and the Core Collection! With no spare money I think these will have to go on my Christmas list! xx

  5. I soo want to try the real techniques brushes!! heard so many good things xx


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