Tuesday, 2 October 2012


The Atlas Mountains are the range of mountains in Morocco that were visible from the hotel that Dave and I stayed in in Marrakech. There is something rugged, wild and incredibly romantic about them. The roses that I dried and pressed when I came back from Morocco are something that I cherish deeply. I remember burying my face into the ballooning blooms and breathing in very deeply the heady mix of rose scent.

This little bottle of Atlas Mountain Rose perfume oil from The Body Shop (£7.00 - 15ml) seems, at first, over-powering when sniffed from the bottle. But when a few small drops are applied to the skin and rubbed in an intoxicating and very lovely light aroma of freshly cut roses. The scent lasts for hours, as oils tend to, doesn't discolour the skin or make a mess of clothes and it is so feminine a lot of men have asked me what my new perfume is every time I have worn it to work. It's just beautiful. 

The Body Shop also has scents such as Amazonian Wild Lily and Indian Night Jasmine that I will be giving a whirl very soon too.


  1. Sounds interesting and cute it related to you as well :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I love rose scents! Sounds amazing, I may have to get some of this!




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