Saturday, 13 October 2012


Ah, the fabled HD Brow Palette. I know these have been blogged to death but I thought I would add my own thoughts on the product too. I originally received this palette in my July Glossybox and I was thrilled. I'd had reservations before about this product being a waste of money but, overtaken by the awe of finally having it in my hands and the hype that surrounds this brand, I instantly fell in love with it.

Well, a few months later I have had some time to think it all through and have changed my mind slightly.

The packaging is cheap. It's black, shiny, easily scratched and breakable. It's chipped sightly in one corner where I accidentally dropped it down my stairs - which are carpeted, by the way. The actual powders in the pans are very compact which means they can't be damaged easily and there is hardly any product fall-out. They're incredibly finely milled and highly pigmented which means that a little goes a long way - something that has to be kept in mind during application lest I should end up with a 'scouse-brow' kind of look.

The mirror in the compact has come in useful from time to time but as I can't see both of my eyebrows at the same time in it it's difficult to get a symmetrical look 'on-the-go' unless I hold the entire palette at arm's length.  I've only used two colours from the palette since I received it: the black 'carbon' and the 'dark brown'. The other colours are, well, superfluous. The tiny brush is pretty much useless in comparison to a decent angled brush. 

I used a Natural Collection eye-shadow to fill in my brows before I got my hands on this 'Vamp' palette. Apart from a lack of colour fall-out which could have been solved, in the case of the cheaper shadow, with a tiny slick of wax or gel - I wouldn't bother buying this and I wouldn't want anyone to waste their money on it.

There are better alternatives: Benefit Brow-Zings, a good single MAC eyeshadow, the MUA brow palette and many more.

HD Brow Palettes are available from online outlets like eBay, Amazon and selected beauty stores.


  1. The main reason I signed up with Glossybox was cos I was hoping to get this pallet. No fallout sounds great but after reading your review I think I'll stick with my MAC mystery eye shadow and maybe get the benefit brow zings instead :) thanks for sharing xxx

  2. I've always wanted to try this, but i love my Sleek eyebrow palette!

    Sophierosehearts x


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