Thursday, 11 October 2012


I received this Benefit Realness of Concealness Mini 'Fake-It' Kit when I subscribed to Elle UK magazine in late spring. I wasn't overly bothered about the gift so much as simply wanting one of my favourite magazines on my doormat every month. This free gift was an added extra.

It contains: Boi-ing (industrial strength concealer), Lemon Aid (colour correcting eye-lid primer), High Beam (luminescent complexion enhancer), Lip Plump (primer for full sexy lips) and Ooh La Lift (under-eye 'de-puffer'). 

The packaging is cute with it's little polka-dot swirl pattern. It fits easily into a handbag and has a little magnetic strip (hidden) so the top won't open easily and the contents won't spill out to make a mess everywhere. The little compact mirror is perfect for on the go touch-ups.

I really enjoy using the Boi-ing concealer, even though it is a little too dark for my skin all over, as the orange tinted pigments in it balance out the blue tones under my eyes which make me look as though I have bags. I used to apply it with my finger (hence the smudges around the packaging) but now I use a precision brush to apply it. When this runs out I will no doubt repurchase it.

Lemon Aid was something I wasn't overly sure about using. I don't usually use primers on my eye lids. I don't have a problem with eye shadows creasing too much or slipping. It does keep everything in place but it feels like I am using a product just for the sake of it when I apply it so I don't use it all that much.

High Beam is one of my favourite highlighters. I think the pink tones are really flattering on most skin tones but I don't use it as often as I could do because there are other highlighters in my collection at the moment that I am using instead. 

Lip Plump is a very strange product for me. I have never really had a problem with my lips. They're naturally quite full and plump without needing to be artificially enhanced. It does enhance the longevity of a lipstick but maybe by only an hour or so... It's a product I can live without in all honesty but it's good to know that it's in my stash 'just in case'.

Ooh La Lift is another product I just don't quite 'get'. Maybe I'm using it wrong? I think the theory is that it brightens the under-eye area whilst making eyes look less puffy. I just don't use it. For me this is another unnecessary product as I tend to apply cool moisturiser before I apply make-up which usually de-puffs my face anyway.

I like this little kit, and it does contain some good products, but I wouldn't purchase it. I would purchase the Boi-ing and the High Beam separately as these are the products that I would get the most use out of. If you're travelling though it would be perfect. I think this product is down to personal opinion.

I'm ambivilant. Meh.


  1. I love that Benefit concealer, it's one of my favourites!

  2. Sounds like a cute kit, i have always wanted to try the concealer, sounds great!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. This was one of my first benefit products I owned, its why I fell in love with their products..Its brilliant:)

    Sara xx

  4. This looks like a great kit, perfect for a stocking filler. The concealer is always on my to try list along with high beam.


  5. To be honest, I don't really see the point of Benefit's kits. They are too bulky for me! xo

  6. I use Lemon Aid, and before I discovered MUA's dirt-cheap eyeshadow primer, Lemon Aid was my wonder product. It makes my shadows last so much longer! :) x

  7. I used to have this. I used up every last scrap of the Boi-ing so I must have really liked it (can't remember it too well now), and Hi Beam is always a winner. But I must admit, I didn't really enjoy Ooh La Lift or the Lip Plump as I didn't feel that they did much, to be honest! As for the Lemon Aid, back then I had great skin so it was pretty much unused, and I only recently rediscovered it and threw it out, thinking I'd never use it. But now I've been told it's great for dark circles, dammit - could really do with it now!
    On the whole I do love Benefit products and I love the look of their new little kits out this Autumn - How to Look the Best at Everything and Tropicoral both look lovely.
    Mel xx


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