Thursday, 18 October 2012


I'm going out for a meal tonight, in honor of yesterday's birthday, and Dave is treating me! So I thought I would show you all what I'm going to wear. I've gone for jeans again as I live in them during colder weather. I wanted to wear a light jacket, even though it's been showering, because when I eat I hate having to put loads of layers on afterwards - I just want room to expand (and explode - if necessary!). The t-shirt is a size too small for me at the moment unfortunately but I will slim into it! It's long-line which is great for tall girls like me as everything else tends to look like a crop top otherwise.

The necklace is one that I bought years ago from New Look and even though it's ridiculously heavy I still love it. It's chain-mail and links and diamantes. My shoes are also from New Look several eons ago. They're cute for if I want black shoes but I hate plain black flat shoes so you'll never catch me in them outside of work!

I'm going for a nude look tonight so I've stuck to a basic base and used some of my new products (posts coming soon) and found the most perfect nude lipstick in the world! I am so excited about this lipstick it is ridiculous!

These photos were taken by Dave so I apologize about any fuzziness or lack of close-up, and the last photo was taken by me so that is why it's so fuzzy and I'm a bit wary (the light was fading too)... and I'm fresh out of excuses for the bad photography! I must but a tripod or something? Anyway, Dave has finished messing with his hair now so I'm off out...

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  1. I love the necklace!! I always find a lot of New Look stuff can be kept for ages and never loses its special-ness (if you get me)

    Hope you had a good meal though :)


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