Thursday, 18 October 2012


Hello everyone!

I disappeared for a few days, didn't I? I just didn't have the time to blog this week unfortunately! It was my birthday on Wednesday and the day before that I was running about like a headless chicken trying to get everything sorted. I don't have much of an excuse because I could have scheduled some things in but I simply haven't been able to write.

My birthday was great (apart from a little cry when I thought my brothers had completely forgotten what day it was - and two still haven't been in contact at all yet!) and now I am enjoying a relaxing day off, playing with all of my new things and have been filming a YouTube video where I can show you all what I have received! I have been very spoiled and I am very appreciative to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday on Twitter too! You were all so lovely and made my day so thank you very much!

This video is something silly like 30 minutes long because I've rambled on and on... Watch for the postman too! He manages to frighten the life out of me! I suggest you skip through anything you find boring... I bored myself watching it back so I won't be offended!

Anyway the normal posting schedule is now in place again so I will see you all tomorrow for some more reviews and general chit chat!

Helen xxx


  1. happy late birthday :) xx

  2. You got some lovely gifts! I love that clutch! Do you know where its from? xx

    1. Thank you :) It's from Dorothy Perkins :) xxx

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I love the candle tea cup and matching saucer, so cute!

    Laurie at xx

  4. Its Alice,
    This actually made me cry because its so true :') big sister :D xxxx

    1. Hahaha awww sweetie! Don't cry though! Thank you for my gift - I really appreciate it! xxx


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