Wednesday, 25 September 2013



Following on from my last If Money Was No Object Wishlist I have the accessories installment here for you today. These are the things I would happily wear day-in-day-out with pride if I owned them. I'm not usually one for flashy designer tags but I believe that when it comes to these few items I'd be willing to break my mould for them...

1. MARC BY MARC JACOBS LETTER PRESS EARRINGS - RRP £55.00 - Marc Jacobs is certainly the man of the moment. His collections for both Louis Vuitton and his own fashion house have earned him world-wide prestige. These earrings are smart and subtle and would be perfect with everything.

2. KENZO TIGER PENDANT NECKLACE - RRP £125.00 - Kenzo is a brand that tends to fly under the radar of the general masses but sets the bar for new prints, cuts and trends constantly. I love this pendant - it's dainty yet striking.

3. TATTY DEVINE HOT HOUSE LEAVES NECKLACE - RRP £180.00 - For something quirky I always lust after this brand and I obviously couldn't do an accessories wishlist without including one of their pieces. This is truly statement but because of the leaf design it would be wearable season after season. 

4. PRADA BLACK ROUND SUNGLASSES - RRP £190.00 - I love cat-eye styles sunglasses. They're retro and chic and add style to any look. Sunglasses are a must now that they're acceptable to wear almost all year round so instead of spending on cheap copies I'd plump for the real macoy. Keep your Ray-Bans. Prada are the brand for me.

5. DIANE VON FURSTENBURG SIGNATURE PRINT SILK SCARF - RRP £140.00 - DVF is queen of the New York fashion scene; she sets the prescient with her beautiful shapes with chic twists. This scarf is a way of buying into that without the commitment of a more trend-led wrap dress (for example). A scarf is a sophisticated way of showing you mean fashion-business without dressing head-to-toe in it.

6. MARC BY MARC JACOBS JUMBLED LOGO UMBRELLA - RRP £50.00 - I'm famed for losing my umbrellas after perhaps only a day of use but I just know I wouldn't let this one out of my sight. Who said the rain had to dampen the spirits? I'd be out singing and dancing in it with this stylish umbrella for sure.

7. CHLOE MARCIE LONG FLAP WALLET - RRP £280.00 - I probably wouldn't have a lot of change to put into the coins section after I'd purchased it but what a beautiful purse to have. Neutral in colour, big enough for even the receipt hoarders among us and definitely an investment that I'd lovingly use, abuse and pull out at any moment possible.

8. MULBERRY BAYSWATER POLISHED CALF LEATHER HANDBAG - RRP £1,100 - Naturally I've saved the best until last. It used to be a Chanel that I coveted as most wanted bag but now I'm a little older I want understated elegance combined with practicality. Come to me my beautiful Mulberry. You will be mine one day...

What accessories would you head straight for if money was no object?

All of my choices are available from Selfridges Department Stores across the UK and Selfridges online.


  1. I love the colour of that Bayswater! I always want the unconventional colours!

  2. That Mulberry is so pretty. The colour is beautiful
    Love the DVF silk scarf a piece of pure luxury

    1. Definitely agree it's a piece of pure luxury! xxx


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