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I love Good Things. It really is a fab and affordable choice for those of us who want something natural, gentle and reliable to help us on our way to complexion perfection. If you've read this blog for a while you'll know how much I raved about the Good Things 'Face The Day' Moisturiser and the Good Things 'Five Minute Facial' Face Mask; so here is the latest addition to my Good Things raves.

The Good Things brand is aimed specifically at younger skins, with oily and combination skin types being the targeted market. Whilst my skin is dry with an occasional oily T-Zone and I'm no longer 'young' (as in 'teen' young - I'm fast approaching the 25-30 tick box) I do still get hormonal, stress and dietary blemishes so I find the range caters for me even though I'm not the intended target buyer. 
Good Things is one of those brands that everyone can enjoy and it's rare these days to find a good all-rounder.

The Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser is an excellent starting place if you're new to this range. I've been trialing it out for the past few weeks and my skin adores it. I like to swap and change my cleansers regularly so my skin doesn't get too used to one type and this product really slotted into my routine well. 
The packaging is the standard type for Good Things: a cream-lilac, black and pink squeezy tube. The great thing about this tube is that it doesn't allow too much product out at once - you have to apply a bit of pressure for the cleanser to come out. If you're like me and tend to squirt products in tubes everywhere then you'll find this a real bonus as you don't over-use or waste anything.
The scent is divine. All of the products in the Good Things range have a super fruity smell that I adore.

The cleanser itself is akin to a very thick moisturiser. I find that a blob the size of a 10p is more than enough to cleanse my entire face and neck. It's definitely creamy, doesn't lather at all and it's very gentle. I loved using it first thing in the morning but found, when I tried to use it at night, it wasn't amazing at removing makeup. Don't get me wrong: it was OK at it, my base came off easily enough, but to remove everything (including eye makeup) I needed to double cleanse and really work my skin with a hot flannel. It didn't remove waterproof mascara at all but I use a separate cleansing oil for that anyway. I suppose the clue is in the 'Fresh Start' title though - it's best used in a morning routine and that's when I use it every other day now. 
It doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped at all and it doesn't leave the tacky film that so many other cleansers like this do; my skin feels plump, hydrated and clean instead.

Would I recommend it? Most definitely. I haven't noticed that it's caused any blemishes to appear and the blemishes I had before I started using it have now gone. My skin feels clean and soft without having been abused by chemicals and I know that the anti-oxidant boosting ingredients are making sure that my skin looks it's best.
I'll definitely be repurchasing this cleanser and I have my eye on a few more bits from the range to pick up too.

Have you got any recommendations for me to try from Good Things? If so, leave them in the comments below and I'll be sure to investigate them.
Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser (RRP £4.99) is available from Boots, Tesco and Sainsburys stores as well as Boots Online. For more information on Good Things please visit the Good Things website. You can also follow Good Things on Twitter and Facebook for news, product launches, competitions and updates. 
DISCLAIMER: The product(s) reviewed in the post were sent to me by the brand for review purposes. All opinions expressed about the product are my own. I will never dishonestly review a product as I believe dishonest reviews lead to a lack of trust from my readership.


  1. I love this cleanser - I'm on my 7th tube! x

    1. That's dedication - it is amazing though! I'll be sure to repurchase it! xxx

  2. Really need to try something like this! Great post xx

    1. Thanks Lucy - it's a really affordable brand so you definitely need to pick something from them up! xxx


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