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Still on the quest to make my skin look radiant instead of dull, my attentions have turned towards illuminating products of late. I'm not specifically looking for instant results, perfecting my skin will always be a long term commitment, but I'm willing to try anything.

NSPA is a new brand to me as they're sold exclusively through Asda supermarkets at the present and I'm not usually an Asda shopper. I decided I needed to try the line out for myself though and made a trip to the nearest big store (half an hour away - the things I will do for my products, eh?). Nirvana Spa is the UK's number one day spa and have used the years of indulging clients with pampering treatments to produce the NSPA range of products available. Encompassing bathing, body care and hair care, as well as skin, there is a product for everyone. 

The skincare line works in 'steps' so that it becomes simple to know which product to use when. I personally have jumped straight to Step 3 with the Illuminating Beauty Serum but no doubt I will go back and try all the stages when I get the opportunity.

The packaging is fairly simple and wouldn't look out of place or ostentatious in any bathroom. It's what's inside that really counts with this product: a opalescent white serum containing barely noticeable gold flecks of shimmer. The lack of massive glitter particles gives the serum a smooth feeling when applying directly to dry, cleansed skin. It feels like I'm simply rubbing in a very light moisturiser as it doesn't 'sit' or weigh heavily. I haven't noticed that it has a scent and it doesn't seem to effect my skin when it's sensitive so I would imagine it's one of those 'all rounder' products most people can enjoy using. I don't find it looks particularly greasy on bare skin and doesn't feel oily either.

Containing maca root (said to clarify and improve firmness) as well as Ginseng (to help provide luminosity and provide a counter to blemishes) this serum also means to improve the skin as well as make it look good. 

I love how this product can be used either under or over makeup. I use it under makeup mostly, although I do sometimes mix it with my heavier coverage foundations to give a more dewy look. It's great dabbed over makeup in the area under the eye for an instant lift or across the cheekbones for a soft sheen of highlight. Needless to say that I will definitely be repurchasing this little gem as I've found it very useful at giving my skin an instant lift.

NSPA Illuminating Beauty Serum (RRP £7.00) is available exclusively from Asda supermarkets across the UK as well as Asda online. You can follow NSPA on Twitter and Facebook for news, competitions, product information and more.

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  1. I absolutely love your blog, such a good read :) this review is so good, i've been reading tons and this is by far the best! Consider me a happy new follower :))


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