Wednesday, 11 September 2013


The two products I was most excited about in my recent Giveaway Win were these two Maybelline Color Whispers in 'Pin Up Peach' and 'Faint For Fuschia'.
I love new lip products. I find something very satisfying about slicking on a new shade. It brightens up my day every single time. When Maybelline released these Color Whispers in the States, I was rather annoyed that they wouldn't be coming to UK shores soon after. Why do our American friends get to have all the fun? Nevertheless I now have two in my possession and I'm loving them immensely.
They were touted as Maybelline's answer to the Revlon Lip Butters but I've found they're really not similar at all. 
Sure, they have similar packaging: they're rectangular with slide off lids that each match the supposed color of that product, they're twist up and they're easy to throw in your bag on the go. Maybelline have perhaps got the edge though, with their cute cursive font. They're both moisturising and feel light on the lip with a smooth texture. The Revlon Lip Butters are softer and more, for want of a better description, butter-like. Color Whispers are more of a balm-lipstick hybrid which don't smudge easily or bleed. They don't drag the lip and they're not going to potentially make a mess like the Butters can do if you're not careful with application. They're not scented or flavoured either.
The name suggests the level of pigment really well: a whisper of color. Although they're sheer they're also very buildable so you really can go from only a wash of colour to full wattage pout if you want to.
'Pin Up Peach' is a lovely lighter red with a hint of coral - not particularly 'peach' in my opinion. It's very easy to wear for every day and looks really natural when simply swept across the lips. It builds to give an orange-based sheer red that looks great with a cat-eye for a more glamorous look. I don't think I'd wear it out in the evening like that though - it's just missing the punch of a proper lipstick for me in those situations.
'Faint For Fuschia' is a really Barbie pink to look at. On the lips it's actually very wearable - light and pretty. I've built it up to full coverage and it looks beautiful. It's arrived at the wrong time for me personally - I'm loving darker lip colours more at the moment. Still, for spring and summer it'll be one I pick up a lot. 
Wearing 'Pin Up Peach' - just a sweep across the lips 
Maybelline Color Whispers are not currently available in the UK.


  1. Replies
    1. I just think they're brilliant for autumn and winter! xxx

  2. Replies
    1. It's pretty isn't it? Definitely my favourite of the two! xxx

  3. Great photos, wow both gorgeous shades I would deffo go for !

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Thanks Sophie - I'm really glad I got to try them! xxx

  4. I love the look of "Pin Up Peach" - I'm really into peachy/corally lip colours as I feel they go really well with my complexion (to that end I "ignore" the seasons).

    Great blog - glad I found it, I've just subscribed!


    1. Thank you for subscribing! I really appreciate it <3 Pin Up Peach really is a great shade! I guess I'm just one of those girls that loves to change with the seasons but everything is personal preference :) xxx

  5. I love Pin up Peach - I'd definitely go for this shade if they get released over here xx

    1. I hope they do soon - I feel like we're missing out and I would love to try a berry shade in this range! xxx

  6. I really hope they get released here soon..they look amazing!x

    1. They're lovely - I think we bloggers need to give Maybelline a kick up the bum haha! xxx

  7. I love Pin up Peach! Lovely coral colour (:


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