Sunday, 8 September 2013



My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it but I put at through all kinds of bad: dying, product over-loads, sometimes brushing it, sometimes not bothering it all, harsh cleansing shampoos and, of course, heat. Whether that's with the hair dryer, flat irons or curlers it's been singed, fried and generally abused. Because of this my hair hates me and looks crap almost all of the time.

I noticed in one of my YouTube videos that my hair was looking particularly fried and it horrified me.

I'm constantly on the search for ways to bring my hair back to life, apologize to it somehow, after so much torture. My usual way of doing this is to either slather it in deep conditioning masks as a quick-hit of nourishment or to have it all chopped off with the intention of looking after it as it grows back. I don't want to do this this time though - at least, not the cutting part anyway. It's taken me over six months to get it to the length it is now from the inverted bob it was in (with a couple of hair dresser's trips to have the invert leveled out) so I need to man-up and actually take some responsibility for the straw like ends whilst it's still growing to my desired length and see if there's anything I can do to make them even the slightest bit better.

My hair is naturally wavy with some curls (the picture above shows it as it's drying naturally) and therefore I not only have to think about how to keep my hair conditioned and nourished but about fighting frizz too (something that is made worse by heat, believe it or not). Wet weather is my absolute nemesis when it comes to frizz but with the autumnal cool approaching soon so too will be central heating. Catch-22, no?

This challenge is about going a month without any form of heat. That's NO hair dryers, NO straighteners, NO tongs and NO wands. I'm not allowed to touch them. I just have to let my hair do it's thing and try to tame it from there.

What am I hoping will happen is that whilst I'm giving my hair a vacation from being assaulted with 200C every day, the condition of it will improve dramatically - especially the ends, which are practically crispy. I'll be charting my progress with it weekly, talking about the things I've struggled with, things I've found easy and how my hair feels over the course of this challenge. I've already got some products lined up that'll hopefully help me in my quest so I'll be bringing you reviews of those as I use them too.

Wish me (and my hair) good luck!

Will you be forgoing heat for the sake of your hair? Why not join in the challenge with me and let me know how you get on?


  1. YAY, go you! I did this about 4 years ago. I'd just moved back to the UK from Australia, and my hairdresser went craaaazy at me. Not only had I been in the sun and on the beach for a year, but I'd also been using straighteners almost every day on top of the every day sun and seawater :/ woops! Anyway, I was so horrified at his reaction that I promised I wouldn't use heat on it...and I haven't looked back since.

    I now never use heat on it apart from the weekends if I have an event I want to blow-dry or straighten my hair for(it's my treat to myself). And honestly? It's done my hair wonders. It's super healthy, it's soft, and everyone always compliments my hair.

    Like yours mine is naturally wavy, and I've grown to love my waves and embrace them rather than hide them with a hairdryer and straighteners. I'm quite lucky I've never dyed my hair (apart from one test with sun-in...never again), so I've never damaged it from harsh chemicals. I also recommend using a natural shampoo & conditioner like the Naked ones, they don't contain petrochemicals or SLS's which dry out the hair and skin, making it even softer, stronger, and generally much healthier.

    Hope this helps, email me if you want to chat more or need some support - I know how hard it is at first!

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

    1. Thanks so much Catherine - I'll be rereading this comment over and over to give me the motivation to go without I think! I really need to pump some good back into the bad I'll done with it! I'll look at the Naked range - thank you for recommending them! xxx

  2. Good for you! I don't think I could ever manage! I'm so not a fan of my no heat hair.
    New follower xx

    1. I'm not a fan of mine but it needs to be done I think! Thank you for the follow <3


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