Wednesday, 25 September 2013



Another hair masque for you all (I know - I'm obsessed) but this one is definitely worth it's weight in gold. Charles Worthington, yet again, can't be faulted.

What I love about the packaging is that it's a flip-up lid - there's none of that faffing about trying to unscrew a lid when your hands are wet. Why can't all brands do this? Lightly scented with a floral feminine fragrance, thick but easy to work through the hair and a little goes a long way, it's all so-far-so-good where I'm concerned.

The Salon At Home range is just awesome. It really does give salon results without the trip to the hairdresser or the prices you can pay for excellent hair care. 

I waited until I'd used all of this product up before I reviewed it purely because I wanted to be absolutely sure on my opinion before I wrote this review. I have a tendency to wax lyrical about every hair masque I come across but I knew this one was special and I was right.

I applied it to my ends and worked it upwards before working through my hair with a very wide toothed comb to distribute everything evenly. After this I simple went about the rest of my business in the shower. It washes out easily and afterwards you can style as usual. Having experimented with it I've discovered the results are very similar regardless of whether you leave it on your hair for five minutes or five hours (I get distracted and forget I have it on).

It leaves my hair soft, supple and gives my waves and curls the kind of healthy shine I've only ever seen on the pages of a glossy magazine. 

I suppose the big question is: does it reverse damage? I don't think any hair product will ever truly reverse damage that's already been made to your hair unless you take a pair of scissors to it to cut it off but - BIG BUT - I have noticed that since I started using this masque regularly my hair does feel a lot stronger and that the ends certainly look a lot healthier. As well as this I've noticed that my hair hasn't been breaking as much as it usually does and because of that I haven't been afraid to brush it anymore (I've spent a long time avoiding hair brushes in case it makes matters worse). 

This is going to be a repurchase for sure. 

Charles Worthington Strength and Repair Longer and Stronger Hair Masque RRP £5.99 is available from most high street drugstores. I bought mine from Boots online. For more information on Charles Worthington hair products please visit the Charles Worthington website. You can follow Charles Worthington on Twitter and Facebook for product launches, news and competitions. 

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