Saturday, 14 September 2013



We all daydream about what we would buy if we won the lottery or had an unexpected windfall. I know that I would hit up the beauty halls so hard my bank would probably ring me to make sure that it was me actually spending the money and not someone committing fraud.

So what would I pick and why? I'll narrowed it down to 11 items that I've been repeatedly eyeing up but haven't actually spent on yet. Surprisingly most of it isn't makeup which I would have thought would have been in more abundance. It's made me realize that I much prefer spending my money on skin and hair care.
Here are my picks:
1. MOLECULE 01 FRAGRANCE BY ESCENTRIC MOLECULES - £27.00 - This scent has been raved about by other bloggers and YouTubers. Allegedly it adapts to you personally giving a truly unique scent whilst also proving powerfully attractive to others. 
2. OCC LIP TARS - £14.00 - Again, these are a very talked about product and as I'm a lipstick junkie I think that these would make a great addition to my stash. I've eyed up so many swatches and so many colours that I probably wouldn't just purchase the one.
3. STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR - £16.00 - Anything that works double-duty is definitely a hit in my opinion and these much-loved blogger favourites have been on my wishlist since forever. There are some beautiful colours to choose from.
4. RMS LIVING LUMINIZER - £30.00 - If you've read this blog for a while you'll have noted how obsessed I am with highlighters. This is apparently perfect: it doesn't make you look like a glitter ball and it gives a subtle sexy sheen to the skin that makes you look glowing without people knowing you're wearing makeup.
5. AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES PURE INDULGENCE CANDLE - £49.00 - You must be thinking Helen, are you mad? For that price? but I would rather have this monster of a candle than something small from Diptique. The scents in this candle are meant to help creativity which is exactly what I need to burn when I'm blogging.
6. THERAPIE RESTORE AURA SPRAY - £25.00 - I've found that when I'm stressed it really is aromatherapy that makes me feel a lot more calm and collected. I like to spray my face as it feels cooling and the scent lingers more that way. This would be perfect as Therapie is said to really work.
7. TATA HARPER RESURFACING MASK - £44.00 - Containing only natural ingredients (without a chemical of any description in sight) Tata Harper products are set to take the beauty world by storm very soon. They're expensive but you're paying for the expertise. This mask is said to completely nourish skin whilst drawing out all impurities, improving elasticity and leaving everything look amazing.
8. ALPHA H LIQUID GOLD SMOOTHING AND PERFECTING MASK - £46.00 - After hearing about the amazing success of the Alpha H line I obviously want to try it out for myself. This product stands out to me because I adore face masks. It's as simple as that.
9. REN GLYCOLATIC RADIANCE RENEWAL MASK - £30.00 - Another blogger cult product and one I am desperate to try. I have a feeling that my skin will take to this like a duck to water and look all the better for it too.
10. DAVINES NOUNOU NOURISHING REPAIR MASK - £16.94 - This is a completely new product to me and I've never heard of the brand before either so, wanting to explore the possibilities that this could be amazing, I've added it to my wishlist. Made for dry, brittle and chemically damaged hair this is exactly what my tired tresses need right now.
11. TOM FORD LIPSTICK IN 'SPANISH PINK' - £36.00 - I couldn't write this post without including this lipstick. It's possibly the one thing I've been lusting after the longest. Tom Ford is the ultimate in luxury and it stands to reason that I'd choose a colour I can get a lot of wear out of all year round.
What would be on your wishlist if money was no object?
1-10 are available from Cult Beauty. 11 can be found in most good department stores. 


  1. That is a lovely list, especially the candle, I could do with one of those too xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I think candles are so important to overall feeling beautiful - I couldn't live without a candle burning in the background constantly! xxx

  2. I am the same. I love spending my money on skincare. You have some amazing products in your list. The DAVINES NOUNOU NOURISHING REPAIR MASK sounds great as does the RMS LIVING LUMINIZER.
    Great idea for a post, I often wonder what I would buy if I had the funds.

    1. Thank you so much Vicki - I think everyone has these kinds of wishlists in their heads haha! xxx

  3. In my forthcoming giveaway I'm giving away a mini Therapie Aura spray (24 sept) x

    1. Oooh thank you for the heads up Sandra - I'll be entering for sure! xxx


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