Tuesday, 17 September 2013



I've challenged myself to go without heat on my hair for one whole month. In complete honesty this is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. 

I never thought I relied on my hairdryer all that much, and I suppose in the hot summer weather that I didn't. Now it's getting colder and the breeze has turned into wind I am definitely missing being able to dry my hair quickly and effortlessly. As well as this I've been denying myself my hair straighteners which is leading to some questionable styles to say the least (you may have noticed from the few photos that I've taken recently and the videos I've uploaded too). My roots from my previous bout of dye are really starting to show through now too and it's been all I could do to stop myself from going to the nearest Boots and picking up a DIY dye to cover them. 

My hair has been unruly this week. It's gone from curly to wavy to just plain frizzy. I've treated it to masques, gentle shampoos and curling products to try and tame it but so far it's just done it's own thing. I hope this rebellion is just a phase.

With that in mind I've noticed that the ends are no longer looking as fried as they did. Sure, they're not the best looking and they still require some work but they're looking a lot better. This is mostly because of my investment in the Charles Worthington Leave-In Conditioner I raved about in my last post. The glossiness looks more prominent and I'm not having to use as much of my serums and oils as I have been doing these past few days.

Things are looking up but there is definitely a lot further to go when it comes to this particular hair journey.

I've learned that brushing my hair through constantly whilst it's drying doesn't make it dry straight; it just creates more frizz and looks really flat. I've also discovered that no matter how hard I try pulling my fringe straight it will end up flicking to one side regardless - and that I actually quite like it like that. And the final thing I've learned this week is that, if in doubt, a hair donut is my savior, along with the John Frieda Touch Up Flyaway Tamer

I just want to say thank you to Catherine from Lux Life too, who has been a great support throughout this past week. I tweeted that I was close to using heat and she tweeted right back to me with encouragement to stay away. She left a great comment on my first post about this challenge that I keep re-reading as a source of inspiration because I want my hair to be healthy and glossy and she achieved that with her hair by staying away from heat almost completely.

So until next week - the battle continues...

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