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Leave in conditioners are new to me. I haven't felt the need to buy one or try one before but being on my No Heat Challenge has made me realize that I need to give my hair all the help I possibly can. The hair care brand I love and trust the most is Charles Worthington, so it was a simple when it came to choosing which company should be the one to tempt me with their product first.

I love the Salon At Home products I've already tried from Charles Worthington. I really believe that they give the best possible results for products that aren't salon bought or, for that matter, priced. This is a brand I truly adore for never failing me with anything I've tried from them. For the price I paid this is a massive tube - 200ml is going to last me forever. It's great value for money, affordable and it's available in most of the larger drugstores on the high street. The ingredients list boasts that most lauded of products: Argan Oil. One top of that it's beautifully scented with a light floral fragrance that stays in the hair for at least a day after application. 
The concept of leave-in conditioner is pretty self explanatory. I only apply this to the ends of my damp hair,  after I've shampooed and conditioned as usual, rather than all over and then let it dry naturally but you could go on to style it as usual.

I concentrate on my ends with a blob the size of a 2 pence piece because they're the most damaged part of my hair and, having experimented, have found my hair looks greasier more quickly if I put this near my roots. The claims are pretty spot on: it is lightweight and does smooth down frizz and fly-aways. It's really easy to work through the hair as the gel-creme hybrid texture is simple to manipulate and it hasn't left any 'gloopiness' either. It's clear when applied too so there's no possibility of it showing up if it hasn't been smoothed in properly. 
My ends feel a lot more hydrated and the frizz is definitely lessened. I now feel a lot more confident wearing my hair down when I have this product in as my hair overall just looks so much healthier.

For a leave-in conditioner newbie I've definitely been converted. Charles Worthington also manage to keep their number one spot on my hair care brand hot list. Even though I've only been using this particular product for a week I can't imagine not using it now - that's how much of a good impression it's made. Obviously I'll be trying out other leave-in conditioners in the future but for now I'm head over heels in love with this one.
Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave-In Conditioner (RRP £5.99) is available from large drugstores across the UK. I purchase mine from Boots online whilst they're having a 3 for 2 offer across selected hair care ranges. You can follow Charles Worthington on Twitter and Facebook for news, new product launches, competitions and information. Charles Worthington also have an 'online personal consultation' available on their website for if you're not sure what your hair needs or which product you should try from the various ranges next.

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