Wednesday, 11 September 2013



This is probably one of the prettiest products I've ever come across - just look at that rose pattern. I almost want to leave it untouched for fear of ruining the design.

I love highlighters in any form so when this Milani Illuminating Face Powder dropped into my life I knew it was something I was going to love it from the word 'go'. The packaging is cheap and plastic which is expected from the drugstore but at least it's not the usual black. Gold makes it look slightly more luxe even though it feels rather flimsy and I fear that if my clumsiness gets the better of me than it might break the instant it falls to the floor. I adore the little rose pattern on the pan though - it's so cute and really different to the usual boring hexagonal shapes that most brands go for with mixed colour products like this.
The design of the product aside this is powder and it can be used as a highlight or a blush. It's not particularly finely milled and has a tendency to look really chalky if it's over applied but it blends fairly easily so mistakes aren't hard to rectify. There is a satin sheen to it but there aren't any massive glitter particles or obvious chunks of shimmer.
You can use the colours individually with a small brush or you can swirl them together to make a light peach shade (seen in the swatch above).

I've been using this product purely as a highlight at the moment as, with autumn and winter approaching, I'm using darker shades on my cheeks right now for a 'flushed' look. I do think it'll make a great spring and summer shade for next year though so I will use it as a blush at some point.
Milani products are not currently available in the UK. I've found one online site - Cherry Culture - that ships Milani products internationally but they have a strict shipping policy that you can see here


  1. This is so pretty and in the swatch! Yes please.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Haha it really is, isn't it? I'm loving it so much right now! xxx

  2. This is really pretty, I am not sure I could bring myself to swatch it though xx

    lots of love Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. It was definitely hard for me to swatch it because I didn't want to ruin the beautiful design! xxx

  3. I've wanted this for so long just because of the rose design, but it's actually really pretty swatched, too :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Jess xo

    1. It really is a great design - so different to the usual! xxx


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