Friday, 27 September 2013


I'm not enjoying this challenge right now. I mentioned in Week #1's Update on how my No Heat hair was holding up, it appears that my hair is really starting to get a bit wild now and this week it seems to have got worse. I've been reduced to wearing it scraped back to try and get it in some semblance of order because, for the most part, it's insistent on doing it's own thing whatever I do. The temptation to get my straighteners out is getting very hard to ignore. I even bought myself a curling wand from eBay on a whim and then realized that it was a really pointless purchase when I can't even use it. It arrived last week and has been sat looking sorry for itself in it's box, completely untouched, in the room where I keep all of my makeup. 

I spent last weekend in Anglesey helping Dave's parents do-up their new home. When we arrived we were told the shower and bath weren't working and that, if I wanted to wash my hair, I would have to wash it in the sink with a part-boiled kettle. It was freezing cold at night and not much better during the day, as well as the house being damp and drafty, so I decided to pass (the last thing I need is to be ill or catch something) and for three whole days I didn't touch my hair at all. It never came out of it's bun. I hadn't taken dry shampoo because I'd have thought that the bathroom would have been the first thing up and running in that house but apparently not. When I got home the first thing I did was wash my hair in my properly working shower. It was probably a good thing to give it a break from shampoo and conditioner but I'm not used to going that long without washing my hair so it really made me appreciate the simple things such as the ability to lather up when I feel like it.

Having said all this I have noticed even more improvement in my hair and that's the only thing that keeps me from going a little mental. The ends are definitely 100% better looking now - the 'fried' look is almost gone. I put this down to having given it all the conditioning treatments I can and regularly applying leave-in conditioner. It feels a lot stronger, although there is a little more hair loss than usual when I wash it. This doesn't worry me too much though (there was a stage where it used to fall out in clumps when I was stressed) - I'm brushing it less now to try and control frizz. 

Two more weeks of this may seem like such a small amount of time but I feel like it's going to drag slightly. As long as I have healthier looking hair afterwards it'll be worth it! Does anyone have any tips for me so I don't get the straighteners out?


  1. Why don't you blow your hair straight with a big barrel brush? It doesn't really damage your hair as much at the straighteners do x

    1. I would love to but no heat means no hair dryer as well. I get that a hairdryer isn't as bad as straighteners though! Maybe it's something I could do in the future. Thanks for the comment lovely :) x


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