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Twitter is one of my favourite procrastination tools. If I have something to do that I really don't want to do then I'll check Twitter. If I can't be bothered to make conversation with someone I don't like I'll check Twitter. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check Twitter. I won't expand any further than that because I could be here for a while listing the reasons I love Twitter but I've decided to dedicate a post a month to letting you all know which accounts are funny and worth a follow.

DISCLAIMER: Please don't take offence at any of the accounts mentioned here. A lot of them are meant to be funny parodies. I'm not saying I agree with everything they tweet and I'm not out to cause offence. They're just amusing and I think it would be fun to share them.

So, from left to right and in no particular order:

Whilst not being the actual Queen you can imagine that these tweets are probably very similar to what the Queen does think. I love this. It never fails to make me laugh.

Mean Girls obsessed with a hint of irony about the inner 'princess' in all of us this is a light hearted take on the dumb things that us girls think, say and do.

Ever wondered what the creator of all things was thinking? Well, he's just as sarcastic, ironic and cynical as the rest of us apparently...

I genuinely thought that this was a real PR company when I first started following this account. Nope. It's a complete piss take out of the world of PR for grooming and beauty products. They haven't tweeted in a while but their previous tweets make up for it.

I love this account. It's hilarious. All those things that we Brits do, say and think without realizing it laid bare in the funniest one liners.

Anna Wintour is infamously difficult to please and bitingly quick with her thoughts. This parody account is the one if you like your fashion and your sarcasm rolled into one.
@NightClubFails // @Jesus_M_Christ // @robdelaney

Not one for the faint of heart this is a really lewd, crude and gross account that showcases the funniest night club moments about. You know when someone has a camera and you're so drunk you don't know what's happening? It's that - but happening to other people.

Another biblical character and a really funny one too: think chavvy wannabe gangster with pop-culture nods. 

An American comedian who says it how it is and unleashes the most random of thoughts on Twitterdom: amusing anecdotes, wry political observations and the occasional moment of philosophy.
@Bored_Ghost // @FakeScience // @Humblebrag

Ever wondered what you would do if you were just waiting around as a ghost? Get some brilliant ideas for if it ever happens with this fountain of practical joke ideas.

If you don't really know that much about science and haven't got the time or the inclination to learn then simply follow this account and drink in the tweets which may or may not be factual. They're very entertaining if nothing else.

This account is so successful that it's bringing out a book to celebrate the art of humble bragging: when you're obviously letting everyone know how great you are but don't want people to think you're a big head.

@ProblemsAtUni // @StudntsDontSay // @UniStudentLogic
And purely because it's that time of the academic year and these accounts deserve a little section of their own...

This account turns all student fails into amusing tweets. Even if you're not a student you can still relate. Genuis.

This is pretty self explanatory: it's all the things you'll never hear students of any kind say in any situation.

It pokes fun and the way students reason with themselves for not going to lectures, completing their assignments or getting up in general. 

So that's it for accounts this month. If you think there's an account that should be featured in next month's post about Twitter's Funniest Accounts then tweet me @Superfluous_B and I'll include it!

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