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The skincare bloggers to know and love are definitely Andy from Pampered Prince and Jess from Spoilt Face. I take their recommendations as gospel, they're regular reads on my blog roll and when it comes to knowing what they're talking about these two are definitely the most educated in their subject I've ever come across. So when they invited me to the opening of their new skincare clinic, Samsara, I just had to attend.

Set in the courtyard of the trendy Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham, with a sheer glass front there is definitely something about this clinic that draws your eye straight to it. Inside is tranquil and relaxed from the moment you step through the door. There's nothing clinical about this clinic - it's simple but serene, tasteful and definitely filled to the brim with the most beautiful skincare products on the market today but it doesn't give the impression of being at the dermatologist waiting for an appointment. Decorated with flowers and fruit it really does have a charming boutique quality that a lot of salons and clinics lack. The artwork on the walls of the reception-come-shop area was done by a local artist and behind, in the facials treatment room, the simplicity continues: a plush rug on the floor, fluffy towels stacked up under the bed, a small but perfectly stocked trolley of hand picked products and an aura of complete calm.

The name Samsara is taken from the Buddhist term for 'Rebirth' which in turn links to the reincarnation of ourselves. Samara is definitely fitting as a name for this venture because this is 'Skin Reborn'.

Meeting over Twitter as bloggers, and spotting a kindred spirit in each other, the owners are now, less than a year after first meeting face-to-face, turning their passions into reality. This is a real life dream-come-true and it's amazing to be able to celebrate this achievement with them both. Andy and Jess have put their all into this clinic and you can see their passion for what they love reflected in the way they talk about their treatments. Their 'signature' is a prescription facial, tailor made for each client to produce the best result for their skin and concerns - a treatment which I know for sure I definitely want to try. They fully believe in using natural and organic products such as Bodhi and Pai as well as the super beautiful Cosmedix line (I foresee a future splurge on my behalf and a fully hyped up hysteria over these products across the blogging world). Jess put a small amount of the Cosmedix Rescue Balm on the back of my hand and it is the most heavenly scented product I have ever smelt: real cherries. Bliss.

All of the stocked and used products are things that Andy and Jess would use on themselves. As they both have the most incredible skin I have ever seen I already know that they're amazing quality and perform brilliantly before I even try them myself.

Samsara are also the first UK clinic to have the Foreo Professional system available for clients. Foreo has taken the beauty world by storm; Vogue describe it as 'revolutionizing' the beauty industry completely. Move over Clarisonic - the Foreo is here to show you how it's really done. Using powerful sonic pulses to gently remove impurities and improve the freshness of the skin immediately (continued use is obviously best for improvement to the skin overall) this is gentle and can be used on every skin type, even the super sensitive.

A consultation with either Jess or Andy lasts 1 hour where you're given the full package: all the knowledge about your skin type, how to look after it, how to help and reduce issues and product recommendations that are sure to help. 

This isn't a sales pitch though - if they think a product that they don't specifically have stocked will help they'll tell you about that too. The overall feeling is one of trust and I know that if I put my skin in their hands I will be receiving the best advice they can give me. Their knowledge knows no bounds. 

So, after drinking in some Ultimate Beauty Tea from Viridian and nibbling on some of the most delicious snacks from The Warehouse Cafe I chatted to the lovely Vanessa (@TheOtherVW) and Charlotte (@lilmisschicas) as well as Amy from the new digital title Curvaceous Inc Magazine (seriously beautiful digital title that shows women of all shapes and sizes fabulous fashion and beauty as well as all of the other editorial you'd find in women's monthly magazines - check it out if you don't know about it already!). I really enjoyed myself and it was a real pleasure to be able to see what the future of skin care (certainly my skin care at least) is going to look like: professional, calm and in the best hands possible. Thank you to Jess and Andy for inviting me - I feel really honored to have had the opportunity to share such a great moment with them and I wish them all the best going forward.

Whilst Jess and Andy both have their own blogs and Twitter accounts, there is also a Twitter and Facebook for Samsara. There will also be a blog for Samsara coming very soon. 

For more information or any general questions about skincare contact the Twitter account for Samsara and you'll be tweeted back in no time at all. For more information, bookings and appointments and all other inquiries please call 0121 224 7611.


  1. Looks amazing *starts looking at train times to Birmngham*

  2. I am so excited to book in here. Hoping to go in the New Year. The salon looks beautiful and calm & the selection of products are perfect.

    1. It's fantastic - I'm hoping to book in soon too! xxx

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