Thursday, 26 September 2013


I'm not trying to teach you the things that you already know - the vast majority of the readers of this blog will have beautiful skin and that's to be applauded because no doubt they follow all of these basic rules in some way or another.
Still, I was thinking about it last week - how far I've come in my skin care journey and what the fundamental reasons for that improvement are. I know that some of it is down to using better products but the vast majority of it is definitely because of the guidelines listed above. I wasn't sure what my skin type truly was when I first started to take skin care seriously but now I know and I can buy the products that'll get me the results I want. I've got the basics of my routine sorted for sure and have added things like masks and serums, treatments and oils as I've gone along. I wouldn't dream of going through a day without wearing some form of SPF - whether it's a separate product or incorporated into my makeup base. I've changed my diet for the better - it has less sugar in it and I try to avoid dairy unless it's a special occasion (I will never give up chocolate cake - sometimes I will accept a blemish for that kind of sweet loving) and lastly I've come to accept that whilst my skin isn't perfect today and probably won't be perfect tomorrow in the long run it'll be great so long as I keep up my hard work at making that happen with all of the things I've listed above.
Do you think these are the basics or should I have added others? Share your skincare basics in the comments below...

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