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Morning_Skincare_Routine_August_2013 (2)

For me, mornings are about waking up slowly and being as lazy as possible. I'm definitely not a morning person - as much as I'd like to be. A convoluted routine wouldn't suit me so I use a very simple 4-step routine. 
Every time I cleanse my face I use a clean face cloth (occasionally I'll use one twice but it's very rare). I find that the Primark wash cloths are more than good enough. They're £1.50 for a pack of three and as I go throw at least 2 a day I have a lot of these stock piled. I like using black ones because they don't stain when I'm using clay face masks or taking off waterproof mascara. I simply throw each used one in the washing machine that day (although be aware that the dye does run from them the first few washes so avoid putting in with light coloured clothes) and pull out a few more. Using a face cloth like this does a little bit of exfoliation every time I cleanse which is why you won't see an exfoliator in this post.
I've been having a love affair with the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk (RRP £8.00) for a long time now and I still love it. 
I don't use it in the evenings any more (unless it's doubling as a face mask) but I find it's a lovely creamy cleanser that works well on my skin in the mornings. It contains fruit acids which help to brighten the complexion and it smells really fresh without being too over the top (sometimes a girl just needs waking up gently).
I like using toners although I never used to. The LUSH Eau Roma Toner Water  (RRP £3.95 for 100g) is perfect for my puffy features first thing. 
It also reduces redness which I tend to get if the night has been hot or stuffy. I spray it onto a cotton pad and lightly sweep it across my face. It removes any excess cleanser that I've missed washing off in a sleepy haze too. The herbal aromatherapy scent is really calming and helps to put me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day.
Moisturising is obviously just as important during the day as it is at night. I choose between two - the Good Things 'Face The Day' Moisturiser (RRP £7.99) and the Elemis Freshskin Clear Skin Mattifying Moisturiser* (RRP £20.00 for full size).
If I want to look my best all day, if I'm going out for the day and won't have time to reapply powder for example, then I'll use the Elemis (I'll have a full sized version of this sample winging it's way to me as soon as I get a new job) but for the days when I'm not leaving the house I'll go Good Things purely because of the scent and how hydrating it is.
After all of that the last step is to apply my Nuxe RĂªve De Miel (RRP £9.50) to my lips so that any lip products I chose to wear will go on more smoothly.

I genuinely love Nuxe because this product nourishes and softens my lips and keeps them feeling hydrated for hours. It's one of the only two lip balms that I use religiously every single day. The scent is lovely and the flavor is sweet.

So that is it - simple, easy and quick. After this I'm ready to apply my makeup and go out into the big wild world. 
How do you take care of your skin in the mornings? Any product recommendations for me?
DISCLAIMER: (*) The product(s) reviewed in the post were sent to me by the brand for review purposes. All opinions expressed about the product are my own. I will never dishonestly review a product as I believe dishonest reviews lead to a lack of trust from my readership. The links on this post will not earn me any commission if you click on them. 


  1. I love Peaches and Clean, it works so well for my skin and smells lovely which is really to be expected from Soap & Glory! I've always wanted to try Eau Roma from Lush so I might give it a go when my current bottle of Breath of Fresh Air is finished. I'm definitely one for a simple routine in the morning too - mornings are not my thing xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Ooh I've never tried Breath of Fresh Air so I may have to try that after Eau Roma finishes. Mornings are for sleeping - definitely not for faffing about! xxx


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