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People say that the eyes are the window to the soul. I'm not sure about your soul but your eyes are definitely the main tell-tale of your age and as skin matures it's this area that people tend to neglect the most.

It's only with the recent realization that I have crow's feet at 24 (shock horror) that I've started to take a real interest in the area around my eyes. I've always looked older than I am but I've definitely noticed that my eyes aren't helping. I have hereditary black bags (thanks dad) that become more pronounced with each stressful day and each night lacking sleep. I also have fine lines just under and around my eyes too (from smoking - although I've recently quit) which tend to allow concealer and makeup to cake up. All in all, if I can find something to combat all of this then I'm happy. I don't want to erase any laughter crinkle though - I think they can be charming on a happy face.

I've had the pleasure of testing a few eye creams and serums in the past but none of them have really impressed me. 

Until now, that is. 

Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment contains a special blend of ingredients that works to smooth, firm and target fine lines with visible results within just a few weeks of regular use.

The packaging is very official looking, like it means business - none of the fun pink that the Freshskin range has. The strong grey glass bottle has a pipette that allows a small amount of serum out onto my finger. How much I squeeze out from the pipette is up to me and after a couple of wasteful squirts I've finally figured out how much is best for my personal application - and a small 'blob' goes a long way with this product. The ingredients are impressive. Padina Pavonica (better known as Peacock's Tail - an algae found in the Mediterranean and Atlantic sea) has firming and toning properties whilst Blue Flower Linseed oils compliment this with properties that help to make the skin look more youthful and glowing. 

I gently tap the serum into the area under my eye, along my brow bone and at the edges of my eyes (never on the eye lid) and then allow it to sink in before I moisturize. Elemis recommends simply using the product either side of the eye, in the 'contour' areas but I found this didn't really work for me personally. The serum sinks in very quickly, without being sticky, and gives me an immediate feeling of firmness without leaving a horrible residue behind. I particularly like the mild plumping effect which really decreases the look of black bags. It's unscented too - perfect for sensitive skin.

I've been using this product for just over a month now, day and night during my usual skin care routines, and I have noticed a big improvement in my eye area. 

I really rate this product and I use it religiously now. The crows feet are dramatically reduced already and my black bags are only as obvious as they were if I've had a very restless night beforehand. Yes, it is expensive at £39.00, but I think you get what you pay for when it comes to great skincare. As this is a product that will last a long time before it's completely used up, I personally think it's more of an investment than a purchase.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment RRP £39.00 is available from Elemis counters across the UK and the Time To Spa website (as well as other online retailers - prices may vary). For more information on this product visit the Elemis website. You can also follow Elemis on Twitter and Facebook for news, product launches and competitions.

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  1. Hi Helen - can you tell me if this product is boxed and sealed please - purchased it but came without either - concerned it has been tampered with.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Jan, the sample I received came boxed and sealed. I'm pretty sure Elemis box all of their products in the Pro-Collagen range so I think you're right to be concerned. Did you purchase it from eBay or directly from Elemis? xxx

  2. This sounds just what I need Helen! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this post! I love Elemis already so I know they won't disappoint :)


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