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Translated, the word 'Bodhi' actually means 'Enlightenment' which is exactly what this British brand aims to provide: understanding of skin and how to care for it properly without having a detrimental affect on the environment, testing on animals or using synthetic ingredients.

I've heard of Bodhi before but never had the opportunity to try any of their products until now. I was excited about it to say the least. The brand is so highly esteemed and raved about that it makes me wonder how I haven't endeavored to try something from them before. The Bodhi Cacao Cocoon Lip Treatment is a product that appealed to me. I've spoken before about my vast collection of lip conditioners and balms and how I rarely review them now that I've discovered that a lot of them do, well, nothing. Recently though I've discovered a couple of gems within this particular beauty area and this product happens to be one of them.
The packaging is sleek and elegant. It's not loud or brash, just subtle - almost like it knows that what's housed inside will speak for itself. It squeezes a lot of information onto a small amount of space too which I really like. The more information the better in my opinion. It makes for less research and more of an informed impulse purchase (if there is such a thing). The little ribbon around the box is a beautiful touch - adding another layer of luxury. It almost feels gift wrapped purely for you. The casing for the lip treatment itself is sophisticated and simple: black with just the name of the brand and product. I like it a lot. It's small enough and light enough to transport too but sturdy so some bag-bashing can be done without having to worry about it breaking. The whole look just screams 'expensive'.

Housed inside the pot is the treatment itself. It smells very much like spearmint with a little touch of chocolate and tastes like it too - great for anyone that likes sweet mint tastes.

Packed with anti-oxidants, UV protection and vitamins, as well as moisturising and caring ingredients like Cacao and Murumuru butters, and including Raspberry seed and Sea Buckthorn oils, you have a perfect pout-protecting treatment. The yellow shade of the product doesn't actually translate to the lips at all. It applies clear. The texture is like an oil which, to me personally, is not something I'm overly fond of using on my lips. It sinks in really quickly  though which is a blessing as I can apply lipstick almost straight away afterwards. It leaves my lips feeling nourished for a good few hours too - a rarity in lip products these days.

My lips feel really soft and moisturised when I use the Bodhi Cacao Cocoon Lip Treatment. It feels decadent to use and if you want to squeeze a little bit of luxury into your life without spending a lot of money to do it then this could be the product for you.

Having indulged in this Lip Treatment and witnessed how great Bodhi products can be I now have my eye on treating myself to some more items. This won't be the only Bodhi review you see on Beautifully Superfluous. There's also a range of beautiful sets and gifts available from the brand, including body care right through to fantastic facial oils, which I just know I'll be snapping up at Christmas to give to loved ones in a need of a pampering. 

Bodhi Cacao Cocoon Lip Treatment £15.00 is available from Bodhi stockists and the Bodhi website. You can also follow Bodhi Skincare on Twitter and Facebook for news, new product launches and competitions.

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