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Champneys_Spa_Indulgence_Exotic_Retreat_Body_Glow (2)
Champneys_Spa_Indulgence_Exotic_Retreat_Body_Glow (7)
Champneys_Spa_Indulgence_Exotic_Retreat_Body_Glow (4)
Champneys_Spa_Indulgence_Exotic_Retreat_Body_Glow (5)
Champneys_Spa_Indulgence_Exotic_Retreat_Body_Glow (6)

Having been on the look out for a new body scrub for a while I plumped for this Champneys Spa Indulgence Exotic Retreat Body Glow whilst browsing around. The list of ingredients along with the spa connotations drew me in.

I love a good scrub - but the good ones always seem to come at a hefty price tag (Soap and Glory - I'm looking at you). When I noticed that this one was on offer in my local Boots for a minimal £2.50 I just couldn't resist (it was also the last one on the shelf - FATE - does anyone else believe in that?). Champneys is one of those brands that I receive at Christmas in little sets, from relatives that know what a beauty junkie I am, because I can't quite justify spending that much money on myself during the rest of the year. I love their products and so far their products love me. My skin, no matter what I use from Champneys, laps the products up like it's nectar from the gods. Perhaps it's the spa pedigree of the brand that just somehow works for me but every time I use a Champney's product I always feel like I've really pampered myself.

The gold packaging for the Spa Indulgence Exotic Retreat Body Glow is heavy and chunky which means taking it for a travel is a no-go. Still, it looks great sat in my shower at home. The lid is easy to unscrew with wet hands (thankfully) and keeps the whole  tub waterproof when I'm not using it. 

The ingredients list is impressive: coconut oil, brown sugar, Bora Bora sand and mango butter. All these are mixed together perfectly to slough off dead cells, soften and condition the skin and moisturize too.

The scrub itself is really fine - there's no massive chunks of sugar or sand in there. It doesn't scratch the skin or cause any sensitivity. It does take more work to scrub off cells in the areas where they usually build up though (elbows, knees, ankles) which is slightly annoying. The rest of my body though? Smoothed with only a few medium-pressure circular motions. 

The scent is incredible - like I'd imagine a tropical cocktail to smell. There's definitely a hint of coconut but the overwhelming smell is fruity and sweet. It lingers on my skin afterwards too.

After use it leaves a small amount of oil in the skin which absorbs easily when rubbed in to give my body a lovely healthy sheen and makes it feel very soft and loved. I do really like this product and I think it's make a superb gift for anyone that needs a little bit of luxury in their lives.

Would I recommend it? Although I really like this scrub I'm glad I found it at such a great price. I'll definitely be begging for it to be repurchased for me for Christmas or birthday. I don't think I could justify buying it for myself again at full price with finances being the way they are currently. If you have the money though, and are in the market for a great body scrub, give it a go for sure.

Champneys Spa Indulgence Exotic Retreat Body Glow £10.00 is currently available from Boots stores and the Boots website. You can follow Champneys on Facebook and Twitter for news, new products, information on spa trips and days as well as competitions.


  1. This sounds amazing, it would make a lovely gift xx


    1. It would definitely make a great gift! xxx

  2. haha I used a little bit of this on my legs when I was at yours the other day- can't believe what a bargain it was, definitely felt very luxurious! I like how the particles are smaller as I sometimes find my soap and glory one is too chunky and doesn't really do that great of a job!xxx

    1. Hahah I never even noticed that you'd used it! Mi casa sous casa! xxx


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