Sunday, 25 August 2013


ELF is one of those brands that can be a bit hit-and-miss. Everyone knows this and everyone expects it. I took a punt on these ELF Contour Brushes when I ordered them and, luckily for me, it paid off.
I wanted some more eye shadow brushes after a few of mine went missing. I've heard good things about the ELF Studio Brushes from various bloggers so during a recent 50% off event I bought them. I prefer to use these domed, dense brushes for my eye shadow application. I find them easy to work with and useful for blending. I like to use them for concealer application too so the dual-purpose element made me buy three. 
Firstly they arrived quickly, within two days. I've ordered from ELF in the past and it's taken ages for products to arrive so maybe they've sorted out their deliveries? It was a bonus anyway. As they're not expensive brushes they came in cheap looking plastic envelopes but I threw them away before I thought to do this review (apologies). Two are the same length as each other and then one is slightly longer - odd, but then expect anything when it comes to this brand. The odd one out could be a different batch from the others. 
I like that the brushes are all black - they look really smart and the black bristles make it easy for me to see how much product they've picked up. Because they're slightly domed and fairly dense they do pick up a reasonable amount of product in one go but when blending they distribute evenly. As far as concealer application goes, I use a liquid concealer both under my eyes and on blemishes. They blend liquid fairly well too.
They're very soft, don't drag the eye and are yet to shed. I washed them and they seem to keep their shape well when drying as well as well as not shedding then either.
I think they're a lovely addition to my collection of brushes. They're getting a lot of use at present so I'm glad I bought them in a trio. It makes me wonder what the other ELF studio brushes are like and makes me think I should possibly order some more...
ELF Contour Brush (RRP £3.75) is available from ELF online. You can follow ELF on Twitter and Facebook for news of offers, discounts, new product launches and competitions. ELF also have a blog and YouTube which provides tips, tricks and inspiration.


  1. Ah I've only ever bought one elf brush and it was the Studio Powder brush (it has a flat top) it's really good at applying powder evenly, and its good at applying liquid foundation too, I highly recommend that if you wanna try it out :) Had it for three years now and it hasn't broken nor shed a hair!

    I've been looking for a concealer brush, so thanks for recommending it! Next time I order from ELF I'll pop one of these in the basket! (^__^)


    1. I hear good things about that - I'll definitely pick it up next time - thank you! Ah you definitely should - I much prefer eye shadow brushes like this for concealer application! xxx

  2. I've always wanted to try these, but I stopped myself as they don't look good. After your review I might just purchase one in my next order. Thank you for sharing.


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