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Everyone knows that one of the main ways to protect skin from aging is to use a facial SPF regardless of the weather conditions. Blocking out harmful UVA and UVB rays keeps skin to from looking aged and wrinkling.

Although several brands have great facial SPF creams in their ranges, there's only Apivita, that I know of, that have produced a face cream with such a high SPF made from predominately natural ingredients. Specifically designed for sensitive skins it's also formulated to reduce the appearance of brown spots, reduce and prevent blemishes and maintain the skin's natural moisture levels. If there's one company that's going to know about the sun, it'll be the one that was born under the hot Mediterranean Greek sun. The packaging is so cute. It reminds me of the school dresses I used to wear when I was a little girl in Primary School. My step mother used to pull me and my siblings into a queue before her to have our suncream applied in the summer. 

I've been applying this thick, light brown cream every day - after I moisturise and before I apply my base products. A small amount covers my face easily and it absorbs quickly without feeling or looking greasy.

It doesn't smell of anything in particular although one of the ingredients in Lavender (albeit the sea type). I've found that this makes an excellent primer and, to be honest, that's one of the main reasons I use it so religiously. I like how light-weight it is and how well my makeup lasts when applied over the top of it. When it's been hot I haven't been left with any redness in my usual areas (my nose in particular) which I attribute to this gorgeous cream being so high in factor. I like using the highest SPF I can on all areas of my body. I got second degree burns from the sun in Morocco two years ago (it reached highs of 48C every day for a week) and ever since then I've had to be ever so careful. I haven't noticed any blemishes appear from using it either - so it definitely holds true to it's non-comedogenic boasts.

Would I recommend it? I really like it and it's become such a normal part of my routine now that I daresay I'd miss it if it wasn't there. Protecting your skin from the sun is so important, especially with the weather being so temperamental and the damage to the o-zone layer increasing daily. Apivita have provided a brilliant product here which would be great for all skin types and I think that the fact that it's a natural product too is fantastic.

Apivita Anti-Spot Suncare SPF 50 Face Cream For Sensitive Skin RRP £20.23. Apivita products  are currently stocked at Marks and Spencer stores across the UK and on the Apivita website. For more information about the Apivita brand and products please visit the Apivita website. You can also follow Apivita on Twitter and Facebook for news, product launches and competitions.

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  1. I love this product as a product, it feels lovely on the skin, soaks in well etc, didn't cause blemishes or aggravate my eye eczema (i put it on my eyes to protect them), and goes well under makeup, however I got horribly burnt on my face whilst using it in Greece :( was so disappointed as I love Apvita.

    C x

    1. Oh no for being burnt! That's crazy! I'm glad everything else seems OK for you though in terms of texture etc xxx

  2. I really like using this & use it most days as part of my routine. I find its a good base for my foundation and isn't drying or tacky on my skin. I love wearing a high SPF that isn't too heavy and this ticks all the boxes for me. My husband often wears is too & he really likes it

    1. It's a great product and I use it in my routine most days too! xxx


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