Thursday, 15 August 2013


Boots_Botanics_Hydrating_Night_Cream_All_Bright (2)
Boots_Botanics_Hydrating_Night_Cream_All_Bright (8)
Boots_Botanics_Hydrating_Night_Cream_All_Bright (9)

I've had this post on my mind for a while now. I didn't want to post a bad review when I've been on a role with loving a lot of products lately and I didn't want to be negative all of a sudden, but I didn't want to write a good review because that would be a lying. So here's the truth because sometimes it just needs to be told.

This product, in my opinion, is awful.

I've been on a tight budget and I thought I'd take a chance on the Boots Botanics range. It's supposed to be very good and a lot of people recommend it as a cheap alternative to higher end skincare. I wanted a new night cream, having run out of my old one, and thought that I'd finally dive into getting something from Botanics. I asked the shop assistant what she thought, as was hovering near me whilst I was browsing, and she said that this was brilliant.

I picked it up and was happy to see that it was on offer. Good times. I started using it the night I got it home and from the start I knew there was something not quite right for me about it. The Vichy Idealia look of this is lovely - it's pink (always a thumbs up from me) and it smells lightly floral. It's not very thick though and it feels slightly greasy when it's eventually sunk into the skin. And when it has sunk in? Nothing. Nada. Nil. My skin feels exactly as it did before I applied it which is washed but not moisturised - just greasy, like I mentioned. It feels tight too - like it's been a little stripped. God forbid I apply this after I've had a face mask: it stings a lot. I've tried my best with it - I've been using it on and off for weeks now (nigh on 6 weeks at last count) and it really doesn't do anything. The brightening effect it claims to have? Yeah - it brightened my face but it brightened it with red blemishes.

As I have combination skin, this probably wasn't the specific product for my particular skin type. However, I also have dehydrated skin and it needs all the moisture it can get. This product wasn't even good when applied over Hydraluron which, in my experience, when everything is better with Hydraluron, rings alarm bells.

I contacted Boots about it and expressed my unhappiness but haven't had a response back yet.

Would I recommend it? No. It's done the exact opposite of everything it was supposed to. Perhaps it will work for some people but definitely not for me. Next time I'll follow my instincts and spend more on my skincare instead of trying to make the most of the budget friendly. Unless someone can talk me into the Botanics range with a very very good review and proven results, I won't be touching it again.


  1. Oh this doesnt sound great at all :( I hope you hear back from Boots xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

    1. It really isn't - it was a real let down! I'm still waiting for a reasonable response xxx

  2. I'm drawn to this because of the packaging but will stay well away now I've read this review!


    1. The packaging is nice but the product really isn't! xxx


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